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The Wiccan Alliance is a network of Wiccans operating in the UK. It has been established for those who practise in their own independent covens or wish to practise as solitaries but also want to learn the tradition. The Wiccan Alliance offers structure training and an organised system for those looking to practice.

​There are covens within the Wiccan Alliance network however they are completely independent of the central organisation which provides training and a single WhatsApp group for the United Kingdom. We offer a direct relationship with the core network for those looking to understand the practice of Wicca.

In addition to the single national WhatsApp group to which all members belong, and more advanced groups for a subset of those members who have a deeper understanding of the training. Access to these higher level groups is through the demonstration of knowledge.

The principle of the Wiccan Alliance is that groups grow organically and are not planted by the central organisation. For this reason the Wiccan Alliance does not offer local contacts, however members may find these in the Whatsapp groups.

The Wiccan Alliance website is at

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