Hike Dix Mountain

Exit 8 Park & Ride

· Clifton Park, NY

How to find us

Look for a group of hikers in the parking lot!

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Skip your long run this weekend and head to the Adirondacks for a challenging high peak in beautiful fall foliage! Dix Mountain is the 6th highest peak in NYS. We will be hiking about 14 miles RT to an elevation of 4867'. This will be a great day for experienced hikers, or TMIRCE friends who are in great running shape and are ready to get some mountain experience. If you are a less experienced hiker, please feel free to message me for more info about this hike. Plan to pack everything you'll need for the day, including essentials like lunch, snacks, water, and layers!

Some info about the hike: https://www.lakeplacid.com/do/hiking/dix-mountain. We'll be doing just Dix (not the rest of the range), and are aiming for the Round Pond trailhead off of Route 73. More on that below!

We will meet at the Exit 8 Park and Ride and carpool to the trailhead. If you're starting from further north and that meeting spot doesn't make sense for you, let me know and we'll see if we can find a better option!

I know that the meeting time is early. It will be dark. You will be sleepy. The hike won't even take us that long - why are we meeting so early? The answer is the state is cracking down on illegal roadside parking in the high peaks area - that means the shoulder parking that hikers have used for years is no longer an option. Legal trailheads fill up very early, and this is peak hiking season. WE ARE LEAVING FROM THE PARK AND RIDE NO LATER THAN 5 AM. We just have to do it. We're not going to wait for people who are running late. There's no guarantee that we'll get a parking space in the Round Pond trailhead even so, and in that case we'll drive down to the Elk Lake trailhead and try for a spot there. We may get shut out of both trailheads, in which case we'll choose another hike to do. So if you are prone to running late for early morning meetings, do whatever it is you need to do to make sure you're on time or don't expect to see anyone waiting in the parking lot!

I will reschedule if the weather looks bad! I like to hike with clear views :)