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Help for Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders & Pain with YL Oils (Midtown, Sac)

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Depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and pain are chronic health concerns in our society today. Are you looking for a more natural way to deal with these health issues?

Empowering yourself to care for the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety with powerful vibrational medicine will absolutely change the quality of your life.

I am passionate about the body's ability to heal itself, given the correct tools and guidance. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from Young living are the perfect way to health and happiness.

Young Living has dedicated much time and research in the field of brain chemistry as it relates to depression, anxiety and pain. There is much information to share on the effects of essential oils. If you suffer from any of these chronic conditions, this information could be life changing for you.

Prescription drugs are often the first choice of treatment for these conditions. Let's have the discussion about the side effects of prescription medications and healthier choices to bring you back to balance and give you back control over your life.

Let me show you a more natural way to treat these conditions.

Imagine a life of Vitality & Joy!


Class Details and Presentation by Robin Gayle Egbert