Law of Attraction: The Power of Inner Choice

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The Power of Inner Choice
October 2019
Do you take responsibility for your own happiness? We as Human Beings, are gifted with Free Will, and have the power to choose happiness like spending time being with a friend or reading a good book, and sometimes our choices lead us to places like being in a dead-end job or a relationship we dislike.
What do you do to keep yourself happy during times when your choices become difficult? Are you in touch with your Inner Power?
This month we will begin a life altering journey by discovering The Power of Inner Choice. We will be getting in touch with your True "Chooser," learning four powerful questions to ask yourself before making a decision and engaging in choices that have you living a life you love.

We will:
Embrace the Chooser (Oct. 2)
Get Connected (Oct. 9)
Envision from the Inside Out (Oct. 16)
Align Energetically (Oct. 23)
Make Choices that Lead to Happiness (Oct. 30)

Facts will be taken from Mary E. Allen's Book The Power of Inner Choice: 12 Weeks to Living a Life YOU Love.
Cost: $10.00 at the door

Please Note: There will be no Meeting on September 11th due to other obligations.
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