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The Note Assistance Program™ was created with the individual note investor in mind. The firm assist SDIRA owners and novice note investors with the sourcing, due diligence, acquisition, boarding and exit strategies of 1st position note investing. Novice investors get assistance throughout the life of the note, for a one-time fee, allowing them to save 10's of thousands of dollars on gurus, tapes, cds and courses. The hands-on, no holds barred experience has won acclaims by some of the industries top professionals and caught the eye of main street investors by providing retain-able education.

The Note Assistance Program™ , affectionately known as the N.A.P. also creates and additional layer of protection for those who invest with their IRA. Protecting our clients from disqualified person violations and prohibited transactions.

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http://noteassistanceprogram.com/ (http://www.google.com/url?q=http%3A%2F%2Fnoteassistanceprogram.com%2F&sa=D&sntz=1&usg=AFQjCNEECBAjM_mER54xkHc-VIO6ky7vFQ)


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(ZOOM LEAD!) N.A.P. Inner Circle Meetings

The Note Assistance Program

This is our link for the INNER CIRCLE MEETINGS. Remember, you must be a seasoned note investor to join. We will be checking attendance before we start. This and ALL ZOOM meetings from Note Assistance Program - N.A.P will be FREE until the COVID-19 pandemic passes. https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUpde6hpjgumAh0na17ltH5C7Pe9GaTCg Are you ready to be part of a real inner circle? Seems like everyone has a "mastermind", with one thing missing.....the MASTERS. We are hosting a high powered INNER CIRCLE meeting once a month with the TRUE MASTERS of NOTING! THEN JOIN US THE 2ND THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH at the CERRITOS LIBRARY! Each meeting will have a NOTE MASTER present to help moderate the flow of the N.A.P. Inner Circle Meetings. These meetings are provided for our more seasoned investors so they have a place to meet and bring their files for scrutiny and review. * Is your NOTE COMMUNITY lacking experience and expert knowledge? * Have a issue with your note that is stumping you? * Can seem to get your mentor on the phone? * Looking for a reliable consistent place to call your NOTE HOME? This meeting is LIMITED and RESERVED for seasoned NOTE investors. You must have your first note "under your belt" to attend. You must have active NOTE that the solutions provided may help. LIVE ASSETS ready to purchase, swap or JV on will be presented at each meeting by attending members of the N.A.P. Inner Circle Meeting. Creativity will NOT BE STIFLED at this meeting, ANYTHING legal GOES! Topics to be discussed: SERVICING SELLER FINANCING OUT OF STATE RENOVATIONS WHOLESALING YOUR NOTE REPERFORMING NOTES HOW TO RESELL YOUR NOTE TRAILING DOCUMENT RETRIEVAL New noters are welcome to VISIT the N.A.P. Inner Circle Meetings twice a year with advanced notice. Please bring ticket to door or TEXT (855)[masked] to register for the next N.A.P. Inner Circle Meeting. REGISTER TODAY AND BECOME PART OF THE N.A.P. Inner Circle! What is a NOTE MASTER: Someone with over 5 years of consistent note purchasing, trading and work-out experience. A note investor or industry professional who is currently engaged in the business and has the creative experience to assist our members with more complex note scenarios. Works over 30 notes a year in some capacity or another and is well versed in the current note ENVIRONMENT!

(ZOOM Lead!) Coffee & Notes - Los Angeles

Online event

This event will be hosted on ZOOM and FREE during the COVID-19 pandemic! We look forward to seeing you all! ***For easy registration, click the link below*** https://zoom.us/meeting/register/vJErc-Gppz4scxp4idXHGu8wwRCWyZ3m0Q Come mingle with the early birds of the secondary mortgage note industry. There is quite a bit of interest building up in Southern & Northern California in the Real Estate Mortgage space. Join Jasmine R. Willois, Natosha Navarro and co-hosts' Trina Session and Denise Spears as they roll out a series of events for COFFEE LOVERS! If you love getting up early and grabbing a cup of Joe to shoot the *** with some like-minded individuals this is the crowd for you. Open mic and open forum for people of all levels of expertise. We discuss the latest trends, offerings, and just help answer questions of the new and curious. Come meet the host of Naked Notes Podcast and the #NAPNATION if you are in town or just plain AWAKE!

Mortgage Note Lab - Los Angeles

Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Airport


Are you ready to JUMP into the Mortgage Note space? Successful investors know the Mortgage Note Lab is the best place to buy your 1st note! About this Event 2 Days of in‑person and hands‑on training Note Lab is a great way to get started with non-performing notes or to hone your skills and learn new strategies. This 2-day event focuses on actionable knowledge that will take you from finding and purchasing notes to making significant profits. OBSERVE what the pros are doing to perform proper due diligence. MEASURE returns against other asset classes. EXPERIMENT with new approaches, and real assets. FORMULATE your plan for action with your new knowledge. TEST our Scientific Note Method. We have a proven proprietary program which we unveil here over the two days. You will put those methods to test in real-time. MODIFY your approach to notes with a new outlook and arsenal of knowledge! PARTICIPATE in group work and role-playing to make sure it all sinks in. NETWORK with our most trusted vendors and gain a personal connection with the resources you need to succeed! REGISTER FOR THIS 2-DAY HANDS-ON INTENSIVE WORKSHOP AND LEARN HOW TO… Easily find discounted real estate notes 7 across North America Evaluate the notes — from your home or office Determine your offer price Write your offer Easily find Buyers for your distressed notes Present your deal to your Buyer Negotiate your note brokering fee & profit Generate passive income for yourself with your distressed notes Grow your portfolio exponentially by utilizing proven investment system Manage the due diligence process Manage the closing process What to say and what not to say to Note Sellers What to say and what not to say to Note Buyers Navigating the Foreclosure Process Special Guest include:

(ZOOM LEAD!) Mortgage Note Lunch & Learn

The Note Assistance Program

Let's get this thing going! This event will be hosted on ZOOM from now on. The physical meetings will commence once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Click here to REGISTER https://zoom.us/meeting/register/v5Mkce-hpjovcoi4yFE2V-SOnpI25qW2jA This will be a structured educational environment with topics for each week. 12:00-12:15 - Introductions/Announcements 12:15-12:45 - Event Topic 12:45-1:15 - Note Trading Thursday 1:15-1:20 - Q&A 1:20-1:25 - Wrap-up 1:25-2:00 - Networking Please note that the event has a fee of $20. If you bring a friend we will comp your parking! Lunch IS NOT provided. Please feel free to bring your lunch with you. Arrive promptly to ensure you can participate in the note trading segment.

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