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The Ocean Data Alliance was created to define a new vision of Ocean Observation that generates massive volumes of data about our coastal zones, ocean surface, near depths, deep subsurface regions, seabed, chemistry, biology, marine ecosystems, temperatures, currents, and weather.

The current market for ocean observation is driven by science and science isn’t adequately funded. To unlock future commercial potential, large new funding sources will be needed to create artificial market demand that stimulate investments in new ocean data collection, spurring private sector innovation, skills, and capacity.

The data that is already produced is collected by nations, universities, NGO’s, and shipping companies but only a small percentage is Open Data and scarcely available. Data creates more value when it is widely utilized and well governed. Helping organize to improve data infrastructure, quality, integrity, and availability is a requirement for achieving new ocean data-driven business models and markets. New Ocean Data Governance models, standards, platforms, and skills are urgently needed to stimulate new market demand for innovation and sustainable development.

We believe new public-private partnerships have to be created to increase the capacity to collect Ocean Observation Data, distribute it for sustainable development, and transform our governance of ocean resources to increase wealth and conservation.

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