Dispelling Illusions of the 3rd Eye and Heart

This is a past event

12 people went


-Co Creative event with Omnist Movement, (Dennis) Shimosaka Healing Services (Taoist and student of Master Zhi Gang Sha) with Classy Hippie Tea Co

-Introduction to The Omnist Movement; purpose, passion, vision and lifestyle to clear, restore and reinvigorate inner world, outer world and YOUniverse to expand, emulate and balance, love, peace and harmony through 3:1,1:3 philosophy, lenses, critical thinking filters and sensory through a process, logic and and application for spiritual, soul and temple simplification as we evolve, dance, flow and swing on the spiral of our divinity as still be a human.

-(light)Sound bath with a 20 Elk Corn Weave Elk drum, 4 (11”-6”) Tibetan Singing Bowls, and 3 tingshas.

-Spiritual Knowledge, Exercises and Application to increase energy, vibrations and frequencies to free, loosen and dispel blockages, stagnation and trapped E-motion to make room for additional light, soul expect expansion, knowledge and divine love to heal, develop and occupy the body, temple and avatar more densely, comfortably and vibrantly through a better, clear and deeper understanding of 3,6,9 cycles.

-Intermission Tea samples and presentation with Classy Hippie Co Tea

-Taoist presentation of ancient wisdom from the Eastern world, exercises and a light, group setting appropriate, healing. (Dennis;healed his own congestive heart failure and started on his path 25 years ago) He will teach, share and explore how to empower yourself, increase sales, income, goals and display strategies to improve your business, relationships health and to open and free your heart.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon/meeting you. Spread the word. This first meet up will be free to all those seeker a higher, more disciplined harmonious, path and vibrations.

Free event; donations and offering accepted and appreciated