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The STARTUP - Recruitment Series is a gathering of Startup recruitment and industry leaders to explore the changing world of employment.

We discuss topics impacting people in all industries. Where will you bet your next A-Player employee/cofounder - Investors ...

It’s a conversation you won’t find online. Will you join us?

The Meetup is sponsored by Aplaz Group Inc, . To get involved with the Meetup or to learn about hosting opportunities, please contact info@aplaz.com. Thanks!

Also, we Sponsor Startups Showcase Group, that produces LiveSharksTank® (https://www.livesharkstank.co) where there has been over $288,000,000 of financial transactions for startups! Check it out when you get a chance: https://www.StartupsShowcase.com


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Live Sharks Tank® Startup Expo & VIP-party

Startup Showcase Group

The Future of Talent: University Recruiting

General Assembly

Radical On-Boarding & Employee Engagement

General Assembly

Meetup at Uber with the Sourcery!


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