What we're about

This is a group made for the over 40 crowd (or those who don't mind hanging with us, some of whom are slow pokes like me) who want to do some longer hikes! Most hikes posted will be over 8 miles. Shorter hikes will have higher elevation gains to make up for it. I'll also be posting backpacking trips. The purpose of this group is to see if there are any other hikers out there who want to put in the miles to get to some really amazing spots. If you're not used to doing 10 miles and 2000 feet elevation, you will probably want to try a more beginner hiking group. I'm not the fastest or the most fit hiker out there, but I like the bigger hikes and I have to believe there are others out there as well. So if this looks like a fit for you, welcome!

This is a social group. We don't have a tremendous amount of rules, but here they are:

Personal responsibility - This means that if you are faster or slower than the majority, you need to make sure you have some sort of navigation aid. If you fall far behind, we will try to wait but at some point we'll need to assume you decided it was too much and turned around (no judgement, I've done my share of turning around). If you blow past us, then you are responsible for finding the route yourself. In no event do the organizers of this group take responsibility for you getting lost, injured, or killed during the activities.
Don't be a douche - We're pretty laid back but certain things won't be tolerated
Talking about politics. We're here to get away from all that shit.
Intolerance of any kind. Everyone is welcome unless you are a douche.
Using our group as a travel agency. Many people want to go on the hikes. Don't bother to sign up if you're going to go off on your own.
Arrogance. You really don't need to tell everyone how you can do Lost Creek Wilderness in 2 days instead of 3 or how you took on a group of a dozen armed thugs at Disney World. You have absolutely nothing to prove to us, we just want to have some fun hiking.

There are plenty of other hiking groups out there. We want this group to be fun, laid, back, kind, and enjoyable for everyone.

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Gibraltar lakes - St vrain glacier

Needs a location

Pettingell Peak (13,553')

Online event

NCAR - Table Mesa and Bear Canyon Loop

Online event

Needles Eye Tunnel to Heart Lake Loop

Online event

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