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Women in Business Sales Masterclass: How to sell authentically
Sell Authentically – Sales that Works for You Sales is the lifeblood of any business, but it is also an area in business that we often feel particularly negative towards. This masterclass is set to change that. It aims to send you back to your businesses with a new and focused approach that will make the sales process feel more comfortable, more you, bringing you and your business more success Do you think sales is a pushy, horrible thing to do? Do the sales buzz words turn you off? Do you avoid doing sales if you can? When you do try doing sales, do you feel lack of confidence holds you back? Do you wonder why people aren’t buying your wonderful offering? Do you struggle to put across the value of what you do? Does your business need more sales? If you have answered yes to any of those then this Sales Masterclass is for you. This morning masterclass is being held by Jan Cavelle, whose achievements in sales within her own companies were recognised at the National Sales Awards by their prestigious Decade of Excellence individual award. She will talk you through why we have the image of sales that we do, why it is out-dated and no longer relevant. She will talk you through why women can be exceptionally good at sales, while remaining authentic to their true natures and using the areas they are especially strong in. She will also change your perception of value and talk you through the sales process so that you understand the steps better and why none of them need be remotely sleazy. How you benefit: - By unblocking your mind to the inaccurate perception of sales, you will immediately be more positive about doing it. - You will understand the sales process better. - You will gain in confidence in meetings and when selling. - You will gain a better understanding of where value lies. - You will achieve better customer relationships as a result of better selling techniques. - You will return to your businesses with more confidence and feeling happier to undertake the whole sales process – with the inevitable outcome of increasing your chances of success. - Bring in more sales into your business and have a targeted approached throughout the business year. Masterclass Agenda: 9:30 – 9:45: Registration and Networking 9:45 – 10:15: Introduction by all 10:15 – 11:30: Masterclass by Jan Cavelle: How to Sell Authentically 11:30 – 12.00: Networking 12.00: Event close Thank you Ashtons Legal for hosting this event. Invest in Yourself: For Tickets visit the website: Non-Member / Digital Subscribers – £25.00 INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS – £15.00 ENTERPRISE MEMBERS – NO CHARGE – included in your membership. Refreshments included. Eventbrite fees apply. Venue: Ashtons Legal, Chequers House, 77-81 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB5 8EU About Jan Cavelle: Jan is a business coach specialising in strategic and business-growth coaching, drawing on several decades of founding and growing businesses to the multi million pound mark and winning several business awards, both regional and national, along the way. She is committed to working with people so that they align their business to a size and style that suits them as individuals. Jan does some public speaking and hold workshops on a variety of topics, sales in particular. She also writes for a number of publications in the UK and abroad including Real Business and takes a small number of copywriting clients where she feels she can bring value to the business. About the Rising Network: A vibrant network empowering women to create meaningful change in life and to live a balanced life. We do this by promoting the achievements of women, health, well-being, positive psychology and personal development by sharing experiences at face to face events and online. For more information and to join, visit:

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