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About us:

The Rising Network (http://therisingnetwork.com/about/)is a vibrant community with a purpose to promote and celebrate the advancement of women, and to inspire and empower women to create meaningful change in life and in the world. We do this by promoting health, well-being, positive psychology and personal development at face to face events and online. Through peer to peer learning and the sharing of knowledge, life experiences, tools and techniques, our vision is to inspire women globally by providing an enriching environment where we can fulfil our true potential and thrive. We welcome all women from across all industries and communities. Invest in yourself and join the Rising Network. For more information: therisingnetwork.com (http://therisingnetwork.com/)

We also champion:

• Equality for women and equal representation in the workplace, politics, business, industry & media.

• Raising awareness about issues affecting women and girls worldwide.

• Positive psychology and raising the awareness of mental health in a positive light.

JOIN OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY OF WOMEN: https://therisingnetwork.com (https://therisingnetwork.com/)

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We welcome all women. All ages, all backgrounds, and from any country around the world!

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As part of the Rising Network Community we make sure you have the answers to your most pressing questions regarding your personal growth by creating open discussions. Share your story, or learn from other women to help you break boundaries to fulfill your true potential.

We explore all elements and facets of life and this forum is open to any women who want to talk in a friendly environment. Whether it be self-discovery, personal exploration, health and wellness, family, relationships or career advancement, the Rising Network provides you with the support you require to achieve balance and positive progress to continuously evolve.

If you're interested in being a speaker, host or sponsor or want to organise an event in your area, please drop us an email: events@therisingnetwork.com .

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