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A Worldview to Live by
How do you see the world? What do you want the world to be like? Is your worldview in the process of becoming, or or is it in the process of begoing? By the way, is there but one world? One reality? If there is but one world, how is it that there are so many divergent views about the world that are held by others? How do you sort these differences? How do you reconcile them to live harmoniously with others? If there are different worlds in which others inhabit, how is it that there are so many clashes of viewpoints that can affect your livelihood? In either case, there seems to be conflicts galore in the world today? How do you see them through the lenses of your worldview? What are, in your view, the major conflicts? Are they resolvable or irresolvable? From your worldview, what ought you do? What ought others do? Join us at this meeting to share your viewpoint about the world [Pic: ]

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Respond by: 1/26/2018