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Ideas & Thoughts that Underlie Physics, 3

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This is the third meeting in the series and a follow-up to a follow-up meeting (Apr. 18 (

This is a follow-up meeting for the previous (Apr. 11 (

All these talks about foundationalism (Jan. 31 (, Feb. 7 (, Feb. 14 (, antifoundationalism (Feb. 28 (, and false foundations (Mar. 28 ( are fine for contemplation, but is any of it practical in everyday living? This meeting draws from a recent member's feedback.

Instead of starting from a conceptual blank slate and build up knowledge foundationally (or not), Let's start with today's cutting-edge physics of which everyone in one form or another is a beneficiary. Spanning both the small and the big, we will look at particle physics (or quantum mechanics) and cosmological astronomy (or the Big Bang theory). We will examine what abstract ideas and principled thoughts underlie them, and trace them all the way back to philosophy, and maybe all the way back (or not) to some foundation.

Is the task of discovering these ideas and thoughts even possible? Can one make a case for or against there being a structured body of knowledge that underlies today's physics? Attend the meeting to find out.

This meeting is for both Tim and David to coordinate. This will be part 2 of a 3-part series on quantum mechanics and the Big Bang theory:

Apr. 12: What is quantum mechanics and the Big Bang theory? Apr. 18: Case(s) for/against QM and BBT. Harriman's case against QM and BBT will at least be reviewed. Apr. 25: Tom's case against QM and BBT Harriman's case against QM and BBT can be read here (

In order to reach the crux, we will drill on such bedrock ideas as randomness, determinacy, wave, particle, time, space, infinity, measurement, consciousness, description, probability, theory, existence, identity, change, creation, destruction.