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The Moral Traveler: Choice and Decision

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Building on the prior meetings "Self, Sense of Self, Self-Image" (Oct. 25 ( and "The Moral Traveler: Value and Virtue" (Sept. 6 (, I want to ask a follow-up question to the original question of "Why do you do what you do?" And that question is:

How do you decide which choice of doing to do?

The previous meeting ended with this series of questions hanging in the evening air:

If the question of why you do what you do get asked repeatedly, does it end? If not, why not? If yes, what is the primary choice? Does the moral map fit into the question of why you do what you do? If so, how? If not, why not? How does the moral compass fit into the question of why you do what you do? If you are the moral traveler, how do you decide where and how fast to go? How indeed does anyone go about making a decision?

Is ethics the proper discipline for answering this question? Or is it mathematics? Statistics? Psychology? How are the passions involved in any decision?

For example, you are attending a meeting now (perhaps not this meeting). You could have chosen otherwise; you had many other choices before you for your deliberation. And you chose. Can you characterize this decision as a necessary decision?

Since this will be the meeting right before the national election, if we finish early with the above topic, we can squeeze in a discussion on the process of political decision making.

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