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Django Unusual: Mako,Gevent scaling,RESTfulness,DoOvers,Being Assertive (repeat)

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This talk was so good I just had to get Brent Noorda to doOver, so that the 35 people who couldn't make the weekday time had a shot to attend at the usual 6PM time. Same talk with a few improvements:

Django has grown into a general purpose web development framework with complex dynamic pages that are typically created, maintained, and scaled by programmers. Programmers often desire more control over Django than was envisioned by it's initial newsroom-inspired design. The most prominent example is the template system, intentionally designed to be simple enough for content creators to use.

Brent will first introduce Mako, a popular template engine alternative which gives you access to the full power and readability of Python within your templates (and perhaps we can get an audience volunteer to introduce Jinja2).

Brent will discuss how to use Django as not just a web page engine, but as a RESTful API server built for reasonably high-concurrency performance to support the real-time web.

Finally, Brent will point out a few other uncommon constructs he's brought to Django, by drawing from his extensive experience in non-Django environments.

Following this hour long presentation, we'll take turns showing off an app we're working on (max of 3 presentations, 5-10 minutes each), directing attention to code in the app you think might be of special interest to a roomful of Django developers.

As usual, use remaining time to work on your project, give and get help over the shoulders of others for anything related to Django, including Python, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Django apps, deployment, etc. Accelerate your learning, hone your Django skills, and/or get to know other East Bay Django Developers.

Beginners welcome - but you'll get much more out of the group if you've installed Python and Django and completed at least parts I and II of the official Django tutorial, started the Django Book, or had some other form of exposure to Django. To get started with Django:

Tech Liminal charges $5 per attendee for use of the space. They are located a few blocks from Oakland 12th St. BART.