Django + Ionic & REST Websockets API with Django Channels


Talk #1 - Django + Ionic: From POC to Production

How do you go from proof of concept to production app using Django as the backend?

How do you build an ios and android app using web technology? How do you link it to Django? Where do you host it?

Sophian Achiba's Bio:

Sophian has 10+ years of development experience, and has been working most of his career in the Fintech industry. He wanted to create something new and passionate about food. Last year, he and three others decided to create ( with the hope of offering new food experiences to everyone.

Talk #2 - REST Websockets API with Django Channels

Building REST APIs over HTTP has been discussed time and again. But could we do the same with WebSockets? What is the performance benefit? What learnings can we carry over from HTTP to WS? This talk will describe how engineers can build a REST API over WebSockets using Django and Channels. It is largely based on my experiences trying to build a REST WebSocket API.

Sam Bolgert's Bio:

Senior Engineer at HouseCanary. Open source contributor and author of channels-api.Formerly lead engineer at a number of startups.


6:00pm - Check in and socialize. There will be food and drinks provided by FiveStars!

6:30pm - Lightning Talks

Simon Frid: Automating Machine Learning

6:45pm - Sophian's Talk

7:15pm - Sam's Talk

8:00pm - Time to head home!


- FiveStars is generously providing us with their venue space and food. Let's make sure we treat it with respect and clean up after ourselves.

About FiveStars:

FiveStars is the easiest way for local businesses to deliver great customer experiences, in and out of store. Through unique rewards, personalized service, and intelligent automated messages, FiveStars helps every customer feel like a VIP. Founded in 2011 and based in San Francisco, our mission is to help businesses and communities thrive by turning every transaction into a relationship.

FiveStars has now saved consumers over $100 million while shopping at 12,000 local businesses in the U.S., and Canada. Over 16 million consumers use FiveStars to save money while supporting local businesses. To-date FiveStars has raised over $105 million from top-tier investors including HarbourVest, Menlo Ventures, Lightspeed, DCM, and Y-Combinator. Visit ( for more information.