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Have you had a spiritual experience?

Spiritual experiences can include:

Prophetic dreams

Deja vu

Remembering a past life

Out-of-body experience

Flying in a dream

Knowing the truth instantly

Guiding intuitions

We meet to share and discuss spiritual experiences and topics in an open, friendly and respectful environment. Talking with others can help us understand what our experiences mean. We also discuss spiritual techniques and resources for gaining greater experience and insight. Individuals and families of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome.

Eckankar is an ancient teaching that helps people make spiritual experiences an everyday reality in their lives.

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Virtual Book Discussion: "The Spiritual Laws of Life"

Online event

With the catastrophe situation we are all facing right now, this book will be most helpful to many of us. Understand the spiritual laws of life is helping us keeping our focus on the spiritual lessons of the changes, rather than feeling like ranting. It's much easier to welcome the opportunities presented by the current circumstances. Join us on the second Wednesday of each month for six months from 7:30–8:30 pm, and enjoy the chance to discuss the book "The Spiritual Laws of Life" by Harold Klemp with other spiritual adventurers. The book discussion will be held on Zoom, << The Zoom link will only be visible to people who RSVP.>> and pages 133 to 195 will be possibly covered. The book is available on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Spiritual-Laws-Life-HaroldKlemp/dp/1570433372) This online event is sponsored by Eckankar — The path of Spiritual Freedom. www.eck-ca.org __________________________

What Would Love Do Now? | California ECK Light and Sound Service

"Due to current restrictions, this event will be hosted on Zoom" (The zoom link to register will be provided after RSVP) You are warmly invited to join us for an ECK Light and Sound Service. "The Sound and Light of God provide us with love, hope, wisdom, and understanding. Above all, they bring spiritual freedom. They show us how this life is a privilege, rather than a trial of fear." Sri Harold Klemp DISCOVER Yourself as Soul — a Spark of God Eternal, Unlimited, Divine CONNECT With the most Sacred Part of Yourself EXPERIENCE The Sacred Sound of HU for Guidance, Healing, Love Your life is what you have made it. If you can learn from the lessons you have created for yourself, you'll find greater happiness, peace, and freedom from fear. http://www.eck-ca.org/

How to Be Grateful and Keep the Smile During Hard Times — Sing "HU" 

Spiritual Chat — “How to Be Grateful and Keep the Smile During Hard Times — Sing "HU" “We look for the Light and listen to the Sound. With these as our inspiration and guide, our pillars of strength, we can take any hardship in life; we can accept life as an opportunity for Soul to reach God Consciousness.” What can stimulate us to be grateful for what we have when life is hard? There is a spiritual side to every experience or event, no matter how large or small, and whether or not it occurs in every day life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=18&v=c4x3d8Vxnjk&feature=emb_logo * * * The Zoom link will be provided when you sign-up to this event. You can also get insights from the ECKANKAR Blog at: https://eckankarblog.org/2019/07/love-should-be-the-smile-you-wear/

The Sound of Soul Event

Online event

"Welcome to the worlds of HU, an ancient universal name for God. This sacred word can spiritually uplift people of any religion, culture, or walk of life. It is freely given -- a gift beyond measure... ...Love is love. And you are that. HU is the Sound of Soul." —Harold Klemp, The Sound of Soul ______________________ You are warmly invited to join us in a group chant of this sacred name for God. The chant is followed by spiritual conversation. You will get the benefit of hearing an active forum with people from many walks of life sharing what they do and experiment. People of any path or faith are welcome. Facilitated by a lover of life and seeker of spiritual experience. << The Zoom link to register to that event will be visible only to people who RSVP.>> This event is sponsored by Eckankar — The path of Spiritual Freedom. - eckankarblog.org

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