My guest this month is my friend Deborah Mullis. Our discussion will be on the topic of creativity. We are, by nature, creators of our life through the Law of Attraction. How can we tap into that inner desire to express ourselves?

Deborah Mullis is a certified yoga instruction, certified PSYCH-K facilitator, freelance copywriter and 8 time participant in the Painting Experience. Studying, embodying, living and sharing principles and experiences that open us up to our true inner power is her passion.

She will be sharing an opportunity to experience your natural creativity through a program called The Painting Experience.

The Painting Experience is a spiritual journey that helps one access the essence of our co-creative energy. You do not need to know how to paint, draw or have any experience in the visual arts whatsoever. It is more of a spiritual/energy experience and helps open you up to the infinite creativity within through the use of paint.

Join us for a great, uplifting time! Oral