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October Shaman Circle**Gorgeous New Venue...Dreaming Down Peace

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Sunday, October 20 6:30pm-9:30pm
The Center SF, 548 Fillmore Street

This month, we'll host our first Shaman Circle at The Center SF, a truly beautiful community hub near the heart of the city. Our theme this month is to journey to a future of peace, love, and beauty for all, and anchor that vision here in ordinary reality. We'll form two groups - the chorus group will hold space, drum, rattle, and direct power to the dreaming group, while the dreaming group dreams heaven literally into being. Let's anchor peace on earth...starting with our circle, and a shamanic prayer that ripples out for the benefit of all of creation.

We'll have someone meet you outside The Center at 6:15pm to enter as a group, and we've signed a contract that doors will be closed and locked at 6:30pm, when we open ceremonial space. Please arrive early to get settled, and allow time to find the space and park. Thanks for attending to that, friends.

IF YOU'VE NEVER JOURNEYED BEFORE: please click here ( and read this before coming - our overview will be very brief in circle, so we can use our time journeying. Many thanks for coming prepared, with $25 in cash.

Blessings to you! Welcome to the Shaman Circle, a space for shamanic practitioners and the shamanically curious to explore, honor, and practice shamanic journeying.

Shamanism is one of the oldest traditions in our human heritage - we two leggeds have had some form of shamanic practice in each of our ancestral cultures on planet earth since time began. In early times, when our ancestors were unsure of what medicine plants to use, where to hunt for game, how to help a sick or injured clanmate heal, or how to work in harmony with the life-giving spirits of nature, a shaman would enter an altered state of consciousness, and journey in non-ordinary reality for information, and healing. Shamans served their community by working closely with helping spirits, and keeping their tribes or clans safe, healthy, happy, and connected to the natural world.

Today, many traditional ways of knowing are being embraced again as a means for healing and wholeness, including shamanism. In the US, the practice of 'core shamanism' draws on universal shamanic techniques and ideas. Based in core shamanism, the Shaman Circle offers a safe, joyful space to explore shamanic journeying and practice. Through listening to shamanic drumming and rattling, we'll enter non-ordinary reality and explore different shamanic worlds. Everyone can learn to journey, and work with compassionate beings to gain information about our life paths, insight into our struggles, help solve problems, and offer healing for all of creation.

At each monthly event, we'll meet for three hours, introduce ourselves, call in the directions, set sacred space, and cover a brief description of how to journey safely for beginners. We'll have time for two journeys, and sharing around them for those who want to. We'll close with checking in, honoring and releasing the directions, and blessings. Please bring an eyepillow, a journal, and snuggly blanket to journey comfortably.

Folks interested in shamanic practice are welcome to come and practice beginning journeys, like how to meet a power animal or helping spirit, and start building resonance and rapport with allies. Everyone is always welcome to journey on what medicine they need (of course) and we'll also have a monthly shared theme to explore as a group at each meeting.

Shamanic practice is a profoundly wonderful experience - we have access to helping spirits who love us unconditionally, and joyfully. I invite you to come build relationships with your allies, and community.

To visit the sister reiki circle, The Glorious Gaggle of Reikipeople, please click here (

Happy healing,
Anna, Vibrant Reiki