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Learn the sounds of Standard English from a native English speaker and trained actor.

Using material from what I believe to be the best intensive voice and speech training course I know, you'll take the first steps towards speaking with the confidence and authority of a native English speaker.

All nationalities are welcome.

The lessons over time will show you exactly how to form the 21 vowel sounds of the English language, as well as all of the consonants. With error correction and exercise notes for you to practice.

Here's what people have been saying:

RASHON - "The class was awesome.", | muhamad Hussain - "This is great and unique training...", | Laura Alejandra - "Really cool tips! Very useful and nice group:)..." | Danny - "I highly recommend it!" | Kristof - "Very interesting, funny and inspiring class..." | Monica S - "Very helpful and informative..." | Emma - "I really like it. This class was exactly what I've been looking for.", | fika - "excellent", | Maryblu - "beautiful lesson!", | Anna - "I am so happy that I found something like this.", | Lili - "Amazing", | Giuditta - "This course was a great experience", | José A. - "very instructive ...", | Claire - "Really good course.", | VickyT - "Very useful for non-English speakers... and fun too!", | Marilza - "Amazing, more than expected!!! I loved it!", | Rafael - "Really nice...", | peyda - "Great classes and well prepared with worksheets and feedback.", | tiziana - "extremely good", | Kevin - "very enjoyable as always!", | Agus - "Really good as usual. This system is amazing", | Renata - "Basically it is a proper way of learning how to sound more English", | Michelangelo Arteaga - "I love it!"

This is a unique course which I try to create in a fun and friendly atmosphere, however if you are serious about improving your English accent, it will require determination, work and daily practice.

I do recommend that you attend one training session a week, and I do not recommend extended periods between sessions, if it can be helped.

New members you must attend "An Introduction to the Sounds of Standard English" first.

Do not RSVP any other classes, as you will not be allowed to attend.

Please read the following to: Understand how the different levels and classes work. (http://www.meetup.com/The-Sounds-of-Standard-English/pages/How_the_Different_Levels_Work/)

Waitlist Policy: Priority will be given to people with the least amount of 'No Shows'

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