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Hello! The UK CBT Group is for people interested in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Coaching (CBT and CBC) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Coaching (REBT). Everyone is welcome.

Our members include a diverse group of professionals, coaches, therapists, students and anyone interested in CBT and other approaches to coaching, psychotherapy and counselling.

Talks are intended to be educational and enriching. We were hosted the event at the lovely Union Club, Soho up until April- and hope to return at some point.....but it's Zoom in the meantime!

Our meet-ups include live demonstrations of CBT Coaching and Therapy, often with Professor Windy Dryden, one of the leading practitioners and trainers in the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) tradition of psychotherapy. Windy is internationally recognised in his field; he was also the UK's first Professor of Counselling; and he has published over 230 books.

Live demonstrations by true masters in any area of psychotherapy are really rare. Our meet-ups in many ways mirror the famous "Friday Night Live" sessions of the Albert Ellis Institute in New York.

We also have other leading professionals coming to talk and share ideas.

The group aims to provide a forum for information, networking and socialising. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a coach, therapist, teacher, trainer or interested in your own personal development.

Regarding Volunteering as a coachee for a live demonstration:

We are always keen for volunteers and typically accept two per event. If you'd like to volunteer, please drop me a line with a brief description of what you'd like to address. It's important to stress: the purpose of the demonstrations is not to treat any form of mental disorder, nor are they the place someone should attempt to seek emergency psychiatric or psychological treatment. While we are keen to help address real issues, please remember that these events are publicly held, and designed to showcase various techniques and principles to an audience. If you're on medication to help address any psychological issues, or have a history of anything other than moderate and acute psychological issues, please don't volunteer - And we ask that anyone who puts their hand up makes us aware of any concerns they have that they feel are relevant.

As a volunteer you can choose to remain anonymous but will participate with the understanding this is a public educational conversation of how to adopt healthy attitudes towards the discussed dilemma. Choosing healthier attitudes towards a real-life problem could be the first step, which can enable someone to change what they can change about the situation they face or live reasonably happily despite the ongoing frustration or problem. We are a niche, specialist interest group ran by enthusiasts and academics, so, whilst we are rigorous in our selection of speakers and their levels of expertise, the organisers can take no responsibility for any loss or damage that anyone might feel they experienced as a volunteer.

.....Disclaimers and caveats, over! We'd love you to join us, so please come along if you can.

Very Best,


Jim Brown

Founder and Lead Coach, Ground and Air Limited.

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