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The Uncomfortable Zone... where change happens!

This group is for those of us who understand that going after our dreams involves a bit of discomfort, yet know there are times when we cower to the scary things that may confront us in our upward life journey. When facing something new there comes a moment of worry, doubt and fear that holds most people in their tracks, where they would rather play it safe and keep life predictable. Yet over time, the regrets mount and a life of playing it safe builds a mountain of "What ifs" we would like to avoid.

If you are a sales professional, solo-preneur, team builder, or simply interested in personal development, this could be your tribe! With the changes that have taken place this year, the plan is to meet a couple of times a month on Zoom. The format will be a brief introduction of a personal development topic. From that subject we will talk about the obstacles we encounter in moving our lives forward and what we do to overcome them.

It's about those difficult choices, the awkward conversations, risking rejection, going after what we want, and not overcome by temporary setbacks. We will look at the reasons why moving out of our comfort zone can stir up doubt and trepidation keeping us awake at night.

Through our interaction and support we can build a community that is dedicated to creating courageous results in our lives and supporting each other along the way. Bottom line, this group is focused on solutions and not allow excuses to trick us into settling for something less than we deserve!

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