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Welcome Beloved Seekers!

If you are someone who is looking to shed your old patterns of negativity, to live through your wondrous and powerfully divine heart, and truly step on to your conscious Path to Mastery and the Ascension...you will not be disappointed with these teachings, nor the other open minded, heart-guided Lights that attend.

In this group, we study and apply the Ascended Master Teachings, given by multiple messengers.

We promote the Science of Spirituality. By learning the right applications, or exercises, you will be able to put these teachings to the test yourself.

BE YOUR OWN PROOF, beloved friends! There is nothing more powerful for your faith and spiritual progression.

The Ascended Master Dictations and Teachings:

The Dictations given through Mr/Mrs. Ballard and Ms Geraldine Innocente; There is the I AM dispensation, sponsored by beloved Saint Germain, and the Bridge to Freedom dispensation sponsored mainly by Ascended Master El Morya to support the I AM activity of Saint Germain. We also use general Ascended Master teachings, include work form Peter Mr. Shasta, Pearl Doris, ADK Luk, Alice Baily, Paramahansa Yogananda, and other beautiful beings who have brought forth Ascended Master instructions.

The Teachings focus on connecting with your own Divine Presence, giving us all of the necessary tools to actively pursue the greatest goal of all Life; the reconnection to your Presence and the Ascension itself by becoming Master of yourself and your own energy (not that of others!).

These dictations, from many different ascended beings and angels, also cover a host of wondrous topics supported with applications, or exercises, you can use to prove their teachings...to, and for, yourself. You will learn about the Angelic Hierarchy, the elemental kingdom, many Ascended Masters, Cosmic Law/Natural Law, Manifestation principles, many other topics, and maybe most important...you. The spiritual laws, philosophies, and applications teach us how to control our own energies, protect our selves, purify our bodies, and open ourselves to our very own divinity. As all are children of god, so do we all have our very own Divine Presence within us…

We have regular weekly Services on both Mondays and Fridays, and a study group every Wednesday.

Our Services are based on the format given in the Ascended Master Dictations, with some activity to elevate our consciousness before entering in Service, often a guided meditation. They are both beautiful Services with a separate focus each, which can be read about in the description of that specific Service should you decide to join.

These are Services like most have never experienced, and the more you understand it and become proficient at the techniques, the more powerful it becomes for you and all Light and Life everywhere, which you will be Serving. The Services are roughly one hour and fifteen minutes.

We also hold our more informal Study Group nights on Wednesdays, where we will read through parts of the dictations, or listen to some of the actual recorded dictations of the Masters and Angels through Mrs. Guy W Ballard, or lectures based on the vast body of dictations, usually with discussion at the end. We also learn and practice a host of beautiful visualizations / meditations to connect with your Presence, to the one of the Angelic Host, or an Ascended Master for many different intentions.

Learning, understanding, and applying these Ascended Master Teachings through these dictations will work together to bring great balance, joy, and Love to your lives through practical applications and philosophies that will give you a holistic understanding of who you are, what you are, where you are, and how to change and manifest true abundance in your life.

Our highest Law is "Unconditional Love and Reverence for All Life Everywhere".

Come, see for yourself! Experience the power of the Violet Flame of Transmutation, the Truth of these Dictations and the other activities of the 7 Rays, and the unbelievable beauty of purifying and transforming yourself into a powerful channel of Light and Love, in alignment with your Higher Self and the God of your Heart, to Love and Bless all around you through your Radiance alone.

Only through activity can we transmute the great body of karmic debt we have and the dark effluvia within our lower bodies created through many embodiments.

You can!... through Love and Joy, Knowledge, and Rhythmic Application!

With all the Love and Light of the Source of All,

The Violet Heart Research Group

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