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Are tired of trying to be the perfect wife, mom, girlfriend, employee, or business woman?

Do you give so much of yourself away that you end up feeling depleted?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the demands in your life?

Are you tired of comparing yourself with other women?

Do you want to return to your true nature?

Are you craving more support in your life?

Do you long for authentic connection with other women?

Do you dream of finding your gifts and true purpose for life?

Women around the world are craving authentic connection; beyond technology, beyond social expectations, beyond judgement. We want to be seen and heard as our true selves without shame. The TWN Gatherings are a safe place where we can nurture ourselves and each other, a place where we can remember and reclaim our self worth. The Gatherings are weekly workshops which help us take care of ourselves and find our gifts so that we can become responsible, powerful women, both for our loved ones and the collective. Together we can write the story of what it means to be a woman in the 21st century, and shape the world we want to leave for future generations.

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Women Leading Green: Beauty Is Earth Deep

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"Together, We Grow" with Amanda Steinberg and WINC

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Colorado Blue Ball: A Ball for All

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Dance Activism Inauguration weekend

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