March is always a bit of a slog in Connecticut, but seriously? This sucks. April is just around the corner and the forecast is still calling for temperatures in the low 30s.

So, we're going to celebrate spring's arrival in our winter indoor winter location, hopefully for the last time.

In the mean time, let's dream of warm sun and gentle waves lapping at golden sands. And while we're at it, let's work on those beach bodies. We'll do stairs (of course) and sprints, lots of push-ups and burpees, and we had a special request for wall planks, so we'll do some of those, too.

Let's make it a point to go out for a beer and a bite to eat afterwards. I'm open to suggestions about where.

Once again, I'm asking that anyone who attends donate $5 so I can compensate my friend for letting us use his gym space. Also, I can't reasonably accommodate more than 10 people in this location. So sign up now to guarantee a space.

Bring water. Leave the attitude at home.

Please note the new address. Have we moved? No -- this is just the address for the other entrance to this building, where we gather, and it should be easier to find for newcomers than bringing them in via City Climb.

So, if you're new and relying on GPS, plug in 91 Shelton Ave. If you're not new, we're still meeting where we always meet.