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Past Lives Through Hypnosis!

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***SPECIAL NOTE*** Tony also does BETWEEN LIFE Regression at his offices in Dover, and since part of that process requires a kind of "past life stop-over," this Past Lives Through Hypnosis is recommended prior to experiencing the between life stuff!

Have you ever wondered if you may have "been here" before?
Belief in reincarnation is as old as time itself and is characteristic of most Eastern religions. However, in this day and age, the possibility that we have had past lives is spreading to Western cultures as well.
Whether you believe or are just curious and open-minded to the possibility, Past Life Explorations are a fun and entertaining experience to be enjoyed by anyone. You are taken back, regressed through the years to your childhood, and then... beyond. During your journey you will be prompted to focus on and mentally record various people, places, things and events. Some of the areas might be: What was your gender, age, and family situation? What country or language? Century, occupation, and much, much more. A detailed questionnaire is provided to help crystallize your thoughts, feelings and memories, and record them for future reference.
This event is $35 at the door, limited to the first six participants, and we strongly recommend only those who have participated in Tony's "Higher States Through Hypnosis" should attend.
Hosted by Tony Cedrone, a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with A New You Center for Hypnosis in Dover, NH. Tony is specially trained in the practice of Metaphysical Hypnosis.


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