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This is a group for you to get Independent Property Mentoring, Education, Coaching, Inspiration and Success Tools.

My name is Carlo Mariani, Founder of ThePropertyCoach

I am a Property Investor and Entrepreneur with 16 years local and international property investment track record and 21 years as a business owner.

My life’s passion is to support Aspiring, Novice, Growing and Experienced Property Investor to Fast Track their Property Success.

If you want to Fast Track your Property Success you do not need to make all the mistakes…most of them have already been made for you! In my career as a Property Investor I have experienced close to everything:

- No clue on how to start this thing called “property”
- Little to no Money to fund my deals
- Nightmare Tenants
- Skyrocketing Maintenance Costs
- Vacant Properties
- “Pre-Approved” Finance application declined on the last day
- No Cash Flow and No Capital Appreciation
- Market Crash

Can you relate to any of the above? I have learnt the hard way but the strength of my vision helped me to overcome the inevitable challenges and setbacks to become a full-time successful Property Investor and Entrepreneur.

You too can benefit from my 16 years of direct property experience and 21 years of experience as an entrepreneur, small business owner and business performance coach.

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5 Property Game Changers for 2021

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