#MuslimBan Protest at SFO

#TheResistance San Francisco
#TheResistance San Francisco
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SFO airport

SFO airport · San Francisco, CA

How to find us

Go to the International Arrivals section at SFO, look for #NotInOurName signs

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At present, on the basis of a blatantly unconstitutional (and horrifically unethical) executive order by President Trump, travelers from Muslim countries are being turned back at airports throughout the United States. This includes even green card holders - permanent residents are being forced out of the US upon landing.

Trump's ban will not do anything to combat the risk of terrorism. In fact, if anything, it will make the problem of terrorism worse, by further inflaming anti-American passion among extremists throughout the Middle East. This ban wouldn't prevent another 9/11; it wouldn't even have prevented the FIRST 9/11, as the hijackers on 9/11 were primarily from Saudi Arabia, travelers from which are NOT being banned.

THIS BAN IS RACISM, PURE AND SIMPLE. Unadulterated, unapologetic xenophobia, completely unnecessary, Unconstitutional, and Unamerican.

We will not allow for discrimination against people based solely on their religion or country of origin. This is racist. This is wrong. We will stand and protest!


* Comfortable clothing (including a jacket-- it's chilly!) and comfortable shoes

* A FULLY CHARGED mobile phone with the Meetup app on it (if you have any questions, call us at[masked] - DO NOT TEXT)

* Cough drops/throat drops; we expect to be doing a lot of LOUD talking/shouting

* A SIGN with an appropriate (but not vulgar!) slogan: We suggest "#NotInOurName", "#NeverAgain", "END the #MuslimBan", "STOP the #MuslimBan", or "I STAND WITH MUSLIM TRAVELERS".

DO NOT bring a bullhorn, amplifier, or expensive audio gear, electronic signs, or any bulky equipment! We want to be fast on our feet, and TSA/DHS/cops are confiscation-happy even on GOOD days. We don't want to cause problems with them or get anyone's stuff taken away. We're just there to protest, as is our Constitutional right.