Theatre Makers "20/20" Play Rehearsal


This is the seventh rehearsal for actors of the "20/20" play we Theatre Makers are performing for the San Francisco Fringe Festival in September. We are gradually reading more of the play without holding scripts (i.e. "off book") for this and future rehearsals. The script is now locked.

This rehearsal will focus on the following sections of the play:

* Impeachment, All Scenes (off book)
* Assassination, All Scenes (off book)
* Act I, All Scenes including Prologue and Decision Points (off book)

If you feel that you don't appear in any of these scenes and you aren't on crew, then please check with me to see if you can skip this rehearsal.

Please bring your costumes to the rehearsal space for storage here.

Some of you have already scheduled/had reading/coaching sessions with me. I hope the rest of you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Vegan food will be provided for the performers and crew at all rehearsals. Please do not bring meat or pets to rehearsals and be prepared to remove your shoes on entry.

Please invite your friends and family to purchase tickets for the show ($15.99 online at We have sold 24 of 240 pre-sales tickets and 16 of 60 pre-sales tickets for the first show!

We are still seeking lots of large cardboard boxes to use for sets/props. Other props we need include: a black bag for a rocket launcher, a large smart watch or equivalent, a medium-sized aircraft toy, a medium-sized rocket toy, a blanket and 2 pillows, a bull horn, an iPad or equivalent, and an Amazon Echo or equivalent.

We are still seeking crew:
Techs (Painters, Builders, Makers, Driver, Stage Hands)
Prop Master
Marketer/Social Media Maven
Sign Language Interpreters (ASL)
Artists/Graphic Designers

By attending, you give your permission to be recorded in photos, video, and audio during all rehearsals and performances.