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What we’re about

This meetup group is for people who are considering relocating to a new neighborhood in New York City and desire to learn about the lifestyle, amenities, architecture and culture, along with the real estate market. There will be opportunities for people to share their current and past experiences about where they have lived as a way of building community and increasing members knowledge of different parts of New York City. We will aim to have interesting discussions about what we each value in a community which may lead us to explore new neighborhoods.

Each guided neighborhood experience will last from 2-3 hours and may include brief stops at local businesses, cafes, green space, and other points of interest to get a more intimate flavor of the neighborhood. Members may make requests and suggestions for future meetups, and we can venture into more obscure sections of the city.

The group leader, Hank Orenstein, is a licensed NYC Tour Guide, urban historian, visual artist, retired social worker - and also a full-time real estate broker with The Corcoran Group. The leader will impart his knowledge of the real estate market to provide practical information for members who wish to gain more knowledge of current and future housing stock in each neighborhood.

Should you have a specific neighborhood(s) in mind consider contacting me for a free consultation so I can learn more abour your criteria and what types of properties could be a great fit for your lifestyle and budget:

Hank Orenstein