Thousand Suns Full Moon Fire and Flow Ceremony Celebration


Every 3rd Friday of the month

Humble Pines Ranch

1684 imlay city rd · Lapeer, mi

How to find us

Contact Patrick at 586-3813471

Location image of event venue


As we move through life, we collect layers of density that dictate our decision making. Affecting our connection to our self and the projection of our reality. These stories that we have collected that are taken on as truth may not be your highest truth. Creating focused intent in this ceremony we will combine prayer and movement to release the layers of unneeded energies and stories that stop or slow your flow of receiving and sharing light. We will Release the unwanted weight into the fire as we dance and flow with the elements. After we have connected with the spirit of the land and elementals as well as stepped into the power and presence of our own spirits, we will use this power set an intention or the next month’s moons cycle. Drawing on our gifts and the energies of the light to be successful and prosperous over the course of the next 28 days until the next ceremony.

The night will combine a
Short yogic practice to ground.
Fire ritual to release
Ecstatic Dance & Primal movement with Fire Flow props to dance and move to music around the fire with fire.
Ritual to Embody your light and draw in your Power.
Closing circle

Event will be from 8-10pm

Cost is donation based $10-25 sliding scale for fire keepers Dj and Facilitators.

Who is this Night For?
This night is for all looking to meet conscious community and connect deeper with the ways of our ancestors as well as strengthening the awareness of the role that ritual and intent plays in our life. This is for all who feel that there is more to life then the mundane. Those who want to learn ways to heal and empower the self and break free from mainstream paradigms.