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Cellphones must be turned off, or kept in silent or flight mode (no sound and no vibration), and MUST NOT be pulled out or used under any circumstances during shows.

This means you cannot make calls or use data functions (texting, checking e-mail, conducting Internet searches, etc.) while a show is underway.

You also cannot take photos inside the theatre before, during or after the performance, unless permitted by the theatre.

If you wish to use your cellphone during a show, please do not attend the show or wait until intermission or after the show.

There is a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to any violations of this policy. If a member or a member's guest uses a cellphone during a show, the member will be removed from Thumbs Up Theatre Toronto and blocked from rejoining.

The vast majority of members and other theatre patrons, who do not engage in this type of behaviour, are entitled to enjoy shows without disruption. As well, the actors on stage are entitled to perform without distraction.

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