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Argentine Tango Class - Level 2
Join our Argentine Tango Social dancing community for engaging experiences in tango dancing and an activity that is fun and exciting to learn. Our classes and events are always welcoming, informative, friendly and affordable. Those who are new to tango can try the 7-week new student "Getting You Started Program". After that, affordable punch-cards with flexible expiration dates are available in 4, 8, or 12 classes on a card. Choose the card that best suits your needs. Group Classes: New dancers can begin anytime but please note that everyone must register in advance before attending the weekly classes. Why? 1) Tango is a partnered dance so we carefully monitor gender balance in our group classes for equal numbers among leaders and followers. 2) Tango is best learned and practiced with consistency. With repetitive students in classes, the material can be presented in a progressive and effective manner. Our Tango Practica and it's offered twice per month. It's just $10 at the door and you can enjoy Tango social dancing and community from 8:30 pm to 11:30 midnight. Levels in Tango: All Level: Dancers are always interested in learning new and simple ideas to add to their repertoire and to fuel their creative inspiration. Our dance learning is always about gathering new information to make our dance more connected, more musical and smooth. Level 1: Beginners Fundamental and Essentials for Tango. You can start anytime with advance registration. Level 2: Requires at least 6 months of tango or an equivalent understanding of basic Argentine Tango concepts and be able to execute foundational figures, and improvise/create a basic tango with a partner. Level 3: Intermediate Level Argentine Tango dancers usually have 2 or more years experience and have a solid grasp on the parallel-system and cross-system concepts, and can execute dance turns, pivots, tempo changes and basic improvisation. is the website for the things you need to know about this organization and Tina's tango events and classes. If you have questions, please contact Tina Marie directly. Email. text, or via her wedsite. DO NOT SEND MESSAGE THROUGH MEETUP messaging! [masked] Text or call:[masked] or message me on Facebook Messenger. I'm happy to receive your FB friendship requests if you think you are interested in Tango. Just look me up... Tina Marie Tango. Argentine Tango Learning: -No prior dance experience needed. -No partner necessary to join. -Affordable fun always! ABOUT TINA... Tina Marie is an avid and passionate Argentine Tango teacher and dancer and is well known in the local dance community, in many parts of the US, and also in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is known for her knowledge and expertise in both leading and following and for the ability to break down movement in classes for everyone to learn. Her infectious enthusiasm and genuine love for Tango and its culture, along with the gift for passing the joy and love of Tango to others is enjoyed by all. Come to join us for Argentine Tango and learn this beautifully connected social dance in group classes and/or private lessons settings. You will soon enjoy social tango fun with new friends, attend local Milongas (tango dance parties) and Practicas (tango practice sessions). Allow Tina to introduce you to a truly beautiful experience in social dancing. ...and tell your friends!! Details....

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Dancing4Fun Dance Studio

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Argentine Tango is a popular social dance with extreme partner connection and body dynamics. The core of the dance is simple with natural movements and expression. Tango is relaxed. We learn to feel, listen and respond as we would in a conversation. The in-the-moment experience and the oneness of the connection are what makes this dance so appealing. The music of the tango has infinite flavors and sentiments offering countless creative and expressive possibilities within the dance bringing a unique and wonderful way to connect and experience extraordinary moments with others.

Who dances tango? Tens of thousands are enjoying social tango dancing world wide. All from diverse backgrounds, professions, and cultures of all kinds. In tango there are no age boundaries.

New to tango? Classes are fun, and simplified. Come learn, explore and create! Come dance! Come see why the dance of Argentine Tango has it's own way of echoing in your soul long after the class and dancing has ended.

With joy, I expose and share the world of tango!

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