What we're about

We are a curious bunch thirsty for knowledge and more. We meet regularly to discuss various topics in depth and share different opinions. Some example topics:

- New technologies (is artificial intelligence a dangerous development?)
- Policies (should there be gender quotas for management positions in private firms?)
- Foreign affairs (is Nato obsolete?)
- Art (screaming in heavy metal - music or noise?)

The format:
A topic will be defined for each meeting. After exchanging our thoughts in a provoking but friendly discussion, we will stop and toast, and chat freely about any other things that come up.

Our members are diverse. But we share the following attributes:
- eager to hear other's opinion and reasoning, even when it is opposite of our own
- open-minded and know how to agree to disagree with a smile
- would rather have an interesting discussion than to sit at home :)

Past events (58)

Discuss: Future of nuclear energy (Online)

Online event

Discuss: Testing on animals - justifiable?


Discuss: A cap on CEO salary?

Diana Tempel, Hofgarten

[CANCELLED!] Discuss: A cap on CEO salary?

Cafe Cord

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