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☆★ ようこそ! Welcome to Japan! ★☆

If you are looking for a trip in the area around Tokyo (mostly day-trips and some overnight trips), you've come to the right place!

★What’s this meetup group about?

This meetup group is for people who are interested in weekend (or national holiday) trips from Tokyo. We are a community of travelers looking for likeminded people for their next trip in Japan. Let's explore Japan and make new friends at the same time!


★Who should join our trips / events?

Anyone, really! As long as you are keen to meet some new friends, and check out a new place in Japan!
Perhaps you are an avid traveler who wants to explore all corners of Japan, or simply looking for something different to do over the weekend... Or perhaps you just want to meet people with similar interest, or just practice your English / Japanese language skills.. Everyone is welcomed to join us!

★Must I pay membership / participation fees?

Most trips are run by JAMBO, with the idea of "Having Fun, Doing Good." These are clearly marked and 1000 yen is charged to support the charity of the month, which is announced at the meeting site. Other organizers may or may not charge - all charges are clearly written on the event description. Participants must pay for their own transport / food / accommodation expenses (of course, this varies according to each trip - your organiser will give you a rough estimate of the expenses).



☆What our previous participants have said about our events☆

“Great day hiking and seeing Mashiko with great company. Worth the early Saturday wake up.” - Mairead, participant on Mashiko Sunflower Festival trip in Aug 2014

“A fantastic break from the city. Quite a wonderful experience: full of culture, history, good shopping, delicious lunch, and interesting people.” - Brent Hanson, participant on Mashiko Sunflower Festival trip in Aug 2014

“Special thanks to Shu san . We had a good time, thank you everybody.” - Shan, participant on Okutama Hiking in Aug 2014

“It was my first time joining any spiritual experience like Zazen but I felt welcome by the people at Risenji. Thanks Shu n Keisuke for the activity!” - Norah Hoang, participant for Zen Meditation experience in Jul 2014

“Great food, great company! Thanks for organising Shu :-)” - Ranj, participant for Misaki Tuna Auction day-trip in Jul 2014

Upcoming events (2)

100 Tombs & Mt. Ponpon Nature Hiking! 吉見百穴&ポンポン山体験コース!

Higashi-matsuyama Station East Exit Pedestrian Deck

(1000 yen Participation Fee (This month's donations go to Plant with Purpose & Rainforest Alliance) + 300 yen Hyakuana Entrance Fee) (Canceled in case of rain) (Easy) The Yoshimi Hyakuana National Historic Site preserves 219 ancient tombs carved into a soft sandstone hillside between the sixth and seventh centuries. (Bring your own beverages and lunch box (if you want to eat on the way) We will meet at Tobu Tojo Line's Higashi Matsuyama Station's ticket gate at 12:52PM. Take the 11:54AM Fukutoshin Subway Line (going towards Shinrin Koen) at Ikebukuro Station. This becomes the Tobu Tojo line en route and arrives at Higashi Matsuyama Station at 12:50PM. Course: Higashi Matsuyama Station – Iwamuro Temple - 100 Tombs - Yoshimi Goddess of Mercy and Pagoda - Haccho Lake - Mt. PonPon - Higashi Matsuyama Station Actual walking time is about 4 hours. (14KM) Please take a look at these HPs: http://www.town.yoshimi.saitama.jp/guide_hyakuana.html (English) http://cobaton.at.webry.info/200805/article_14.html http://mitchie-m.com/blog/trip/mountain/ponponyama/ All events are run by Jambo International, a Having Fun, Doing Good Organization. Go to the website to see all of Jambo’s monthly events. https://jambointernational.org/en/ (簡単)(参加費¥1,000 (今月の寄付は・プラントウィズパーパス&レインフォレスト・アライアンスに寄付を送金します.)・百穴入場料¥300・雨天中止) 吉見百穴は古墳時代の末期(6世紀末~7世紀末)に造られた横穴墓です。 集 合:東上線東松山駅改札口 12:52M 電 車:副都心線 池駅発11:54(Fライナー・森林公園行)⇒ 東松山着12:50 (この電車は和光から東武東上線になり、東松山まで乗り換え無しです)。 コース:東松山駅→岩室観音堂→吉見百穴→吉見観音→八丁湖→ポンポン山→東松山駅 ハイキングの時間は約4時間(14㎞) です。 持ち物:お弁当(行く途中で食べたい人)・飲料水 どうぞこのHPを見てみてください: http://www.town.yoshimi.saitama.jp/guide_hyakuana.html http://cobaton.at.webry.info/200805/article_14.html http://mitchie-m.com/blog/trip/mountain/ponponyama/ このMeetupのイベントがジャンボインターナショナル(Having Fun, Doing Goodの団体)が担当されます。ジャンボの今月の全部のイベントをどうぞ見てみてください。 https://jambointernational.org/ja/

Bicycle Ride (JAMBO & Earth Day Ride Group) JAMBO &アースディ自転車ライドグループ

Bicycle Ride (JAMBO & Earth Day Ride Group) BIKE RESERVATIONS REQUIRED BY MAY 31! (Easy Course, 1000 yen (This month's donations go to Plant with Purpose & Rainforest Alliance), Reservations requested (Canceled in case of rain) Enjoy a ride through the fresh greenery in Musashino with a ride from Mitaka to Tama Lake! We will ride through some residential areas and some parks from Mitaka station, where we will take breaks, play frisbee, etc. On the way, you can buy food/drink at a supermarket or convenience store, before arriving at Tama Lake, where we’ll have a picnic. After the picnic, those who want can ride around the lake (about 1 hour) while others can do yoga (following an instructor who will be there) in the park. For people who need to rent a bicycle, please come to Mitaka Station’s south exit Police box at 9:30. Hiro and David will meet you there and go to Susuzake Bicycle Rental: http://www.mitaka.ne.jp/machidukuri/rentalcycle/index.html to rent bikes. The cost is ¥300 /day and the number of bicycles is limited, so please do not come late. If you'd like us to make a bicycle reservation for you, contact [masked] in advance. If you have your own bicycle, meet us at 10:00am at Mitaka Station south exit bus terminal. Please bring snacks and foods for the picnic and drinks (you can also buy them at a store near the station) as well as any park toys: balls, frisbees, unicycles, juggling balls, badminton rackets, inflatable sumo suits, foam swords and squirt guns. For riders, helmets are recommended if you have one. Ride leader: Hiro [masked]) & Mr. Kono [masked]) EarthDay Ride Team Web Page (www.earthdayride.org). You can see the route at https://yahoo.jp/ygZmdM All events are run by Jambo International, a Having Fun, Doing Good Organization. Go to the website to see all of Jambo’s monthly events. https://jambointernational.org/en/ JAMBO &アースディ自転車ライドグループ 自転車の予約が5月31日までに必要です! (簡単なコース・参加費1,000円 (今月の寄付は・プラントウィズパーパス&レインフォレスト・アライアンスに寄付を送金します.)・要予約・雨天中止) 新緑の武蔵野、三鷹から多摩湖まで楽しいライド! 三鷹駅から住宅街や自転車道をゆっくり走って、多摩湖までサイクリング。 道中の公園で散歩やフリスビーなどで体を動かし、昼食を持参していない方は、スーパーマーケットやコンビニで買い求め、多摩湖のほとりでピクニックランチを楽しみます。その後、希望者は、多摩湖をグルッと一周走ります(約1時間)。 また、それ以外の人でヨガ希望者は、インストラクターが指導をいたします。 自転車:当日、自転車レンタルが必要な人は、9:30に三鷹駅南口交番付近に来てください。 HIRO & DAVIDはそこで待っています。そこから、 自転車レンタルスズカケ輪場 https://www.mitaka.ne.jp/bicycle_parking/rental-cycle.html に行って、自転車を借ります(300円)。数に限りがあるので遅れないでください。 自転車の予約希望者は [masked] で、事前に登録してください。 自転車を持っている人は、10:00に三鷹駅南口バスターミナル広場で会いましょう。 お昼の食べ物や飲み物、おもちゃ(フリスビー、ボール等いろいろ)、 ビニールシート(ヨガマット等)を持ってきてください。 自転車に乗る人はヘルメットをお勧めします。 イベント担当者:HIRO(09035385511) コウノ(09017392996) アースデイ・ライドチーム http://www.earthdayride.org 今回の予定コースは「ルートラボ自転車」で確認できます。 https://yahoo.jp/ygZmdM このMeetupのイベントがジャンボインターナショナル(Having Fun, Doing Goodの団体)が担当されます。ジャンボの今月の全部のイベントをどうぞ見てみてください。 https://jambointernational.org/ja/

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