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☆★ ようこそ! Welcome to Japan! ★☆

If you are looking for a trip in the area around Tokyo (mostly day-trips and some overnight trips), you've come to the right place!

★What’s this meetup group about?

This meetup group is for people who are interested in weekend (or national holiday) trips from Tokyo. We are a community of travelers looking for likeminded people for their next trip in Japan. Let's explore Japan and make new friends at the same time!


★Who should join our trips / events?

Anyone, really! As long as you are keen to meet some new friends, and check out a new place in Japan!
Perhaps you are an avid traveler who wants to explore all corners of Japan, or simply looking for something different to do over the weekend... Or perhaps you just want to meet people with similar interest, or just practice your English / Japanese language skills.. Everyone is welcomed to join us!

★Must I pay membership / participation fees?

Most trips are run by JAMBO, with the idea of "Having Fun, Doing Good." These are clearly marked and 1000 yen is charged to support the charity of the month, which is announced at the meeting site. Other organizers may or may not charge - all charges are clearly written on the event description. Participants must pay for their own transport / food / accommodation expenses (of course, this varies according to each trip - your organiser will give you a rough estimate of the expenses).



☆What our previous participants have said about our events☆

“Great day hiking and seeing Mashiko with great company. Worth the early Saturday wake up.” - Mairead, participant on Mashiko Sunflower Festival trip in Aug 2014

“A fantastic break from the city. Quite a wonderful experience: full of culture, history, good shopping, delicious lunch, and interesting people.” - Brent Hanson, participant on Mashiko Sunflower Festival trip in Aug 2014

“Special thanks to Shu san . We had a good time, thank you everybody.” - Shan, participant on Okutama Hiking in Aug 2014

“It was my first time joining any spiritual experience like Zazen but I felt welcome by the people at Risenji. Thanks Shu n Keisuke for the activity!” - Norah Hoang, participant for Zen Meditation experience in Jul 2014

“Great food, great company! Thanks for organising Shu :-)” - Ranj, participant for Misaki Tuna Auction day-trip in Jul 2014

Upcoming events (1)

Chuo Line Hiking 中央線ハイキング

Fujino Station

Requests to the participants ○Please wear masks when indoors (on the train, in shops, etc). Also, after the event, when eating or drinking on the train, please make sure to keep the mask on after each time you eat or drink (don’t keep it off). Remember to keep both mouth and nose covered, not hanging under the chin ○Please keep social distancing and avoid close, group gatherings. If you have any symptom, please refrain from joining. ○In order to avoid crowding at supermarkets and convenient stores, please bring your lunch with you to the meeting place. We will not stop at any stores after meeting. ○Please cooperate with us in providing your contact information (your full name, email address and telephone number) just in case of Corona incident. (Intermediate Course, 1000 yen Participation Fee, Canceled in case of rain) Meeting Place/Time: JR Fujino Station Ticket Gate at 10:35am Train Schedule: (Be sure to get on this train if coming from the Tokyo area, as we cannot wait for the next train) 10:19 Take the JR Chuo Line (towards Otsuki) from Takao Station 10:31 Arrive at Fujino Station Course: JR Fujino Station – Mt. Takakura (379m) – Tenjin Ridge – Mt.Kongo (456m) – Benten Bridge – JR Fujino Station Walking time should be about 4 hours. Please bring your lunch and drink. This event is run by Jambo International, a Having Fun, Doing Good Organization. Go to the website to see all of Jambo’s monthly events. https://jambointernational.org/en/ This month’s donations will be given to Save the Children and Ashinaga (NPO/Support for Orphans). <参加者の皆様へのお願い> ○マスクは屋内(電車内·駅構内及びコンビニやお店など)では必ず着用してください。また、ハイキング後に電車内で飲食をされる場合は、マスクを外したままではなく、飲食の合間も必ずマスク着用をお願いします。また、マスクを顎に引っ掛けているだけでは着用していることにはなりませんので、常に鼻口をカバーする着用をお願いします。 ○ソーシャル·ディスタンスを保つ、3密を避ける。また当日、症状がある場合は参加をお控え下さい ○混雑を避けるため、スーパーやコンビニ等には立ち寄りませんので、集合前に(事前に)ランチは用意してください。 ○万が一感染者が発生した場合のため、連絡先(お名前、メールアドレス、電話番号)の把握にご協力下さい。 (中級コース・参加費1,000円・雨天中止) 集合:JR 中央本線 藤野駅改札口 10:35 am 電車:高尾発(JR 中央本線普通大月行) 10:19 ⇒ 藤野着 10:31 (電車の頻度が少ないので、次の電車を待つことは出来ません。高尾から乗る方は、必ずこの電車に乗ってください!) コース:藤野駅 ⇒ 高倉山 (379m) ⇒ 天神峠 ⇒ 金剛山(456m)⇒ 弁天橋 ⇒ 藤野駅 ハイキング時間:約4時間 持ち物:お弁当・飲み物 このMeetupのイベントは、ジャンボインターナショナル(Having Fun, Doing Goodの団体)が担当します。毎月、ジャンボが行う全てのイベントに興味がある方は、こちらのサイトをご覧ください。https://jambointernational.org/jp/ 今月の寄付は、Save the Childrenとあしなが育英会に送ります。

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