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★What’s this meetup group about?
This meetup group is for people who are interested in day trips in/around/near Tokyo. Let's explore Japan and make new friends at the same time!

Who should join our trips / events? 
Anyone, really! As long as you are keen to meet some new friends, and check out a new place in Japan!

Must I pay membership / participation fees? 
Most trips are run by JAMBO, with the idea of "Having Fun, Doing Good." These are clearly marked and 1000 yen is charged to support the charity of the month, which is announced at the meeting site. Other organizers may or may not charge - all charges are clearly written on the event description.

Upcoming events (1)

Okutama Hiking and Swim 奥多摩ハイキング・泳ぎ

Needs a location

(1000 yen Participation Fee) (EASY) (We will go if light rain)
Meeting place and time: At the ticket gate of Higashi-akiru Station (on the Itsukaichi Line) at 10:40 am

Train: From Tachikawa, take the 10:18 Oume Line train to Haijima Station (arriving at 10:29). Change to the JR Itsukaichi Line train going towards MusashiItsukaichi, leaving at 10:32. This arrives at Higashi-akiru Station at 10:37.
The trains are running infrequently and we won’t be able to wait for the next train. Please come at the appointed time since we won’t be able to attend to latecomers.

Course: Higashi-akiru Station – Mt. Daichou Hiking Course – Tama River (Swim) – Hamura Station

Please bring lunch and drinks. If you are swimming, bring swimming stuff as well.

This event is run by Jambo International, a Having Fun, Doing Good Organization. Go to the website to see all of Jambo’s monthly events. https://jambointernational.org/en/

●Requests to the participants

  1. Wearing a mask and keep social distance
    When you are near other people or talking with others, please wear the mask. Remember to keep both mouth and nose covered except when you start to feel sick or have a problem breathing.
  2. Physical Condition
    If you are feeling feverish or feel unwell, please refrain from joining the event.
  3. If you are tested positive for Corona after the event, please let us know so we can inform others.

(初級コース・参加費 1,000円・小雨の場合行います)
集合場所と時間:JR五日市線 東秋留駅改札口 10:40 am

電車:立川方面から来られる方は、立川発 10:18 (青梅線青梅行) → 拝島着 10:29 → 拝島発(JR五日市線 普通武蔵五日市行き)10:32 → 東秋留着 10:37

コース:東秋留駅 ⇒ 大澄山 ⇒ 多摩川(泳ぎ)⇒ 羽村駅


このMeetupのイベントは、ジャンボインターナショナル(Having Fun, Doing Goodの団体)が担当します。毎月ジャンボが行う全てのイベントに興味がある方は、こちらのサイトをご覧ください。https://jambointernational.org/ja/

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