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What we're about

Tokyo Stoics meet to discuss the practical teachings of Stoicism and how to apply them to our daily lives. This ancient philosophy helps us develop tranquility, resiliency and "eudaimonia" (happiness and human flourishing).

The group is secular and apolitical.

Each meeting will have a brief introduction in English for those new to Stoicism. All are welcome.

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The Handbook of Epictetus (Enchiridion)

Good Heavens

Epictetus' "Enchiridion" (Handbook) is a short, practical manual of Stoic advice.

In this meeting, we will continue reading and discussing it from Chapter 20 onward. A printout of the text will be provided.

The Enchiridion isn't in any particular order, so it's totally fine if you weren't at the last meeting!

We will discuss how to apply Epictetus' powerful practical philosophy to our daily lives.

No previous knowledge needed. Newcomers welcome!

Enchiridion (online text):

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Stoicism and Mental Health

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