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What we’re about

Tokyo Business Meet Up is an Tokyo-based group for business people in Tokyo as well as any visitors from abroad wanting to connect with Tokyo business circles. Members are local business owners, people working at foreign capital and Japanese companies, entrepreneurs and students as well.

We have members running e-businesses, start-ups, home businesses, marketing experts and professionals from all over the world as well as people working at foreign capital and Japanese companies. Everyone is welcome! We generally have two guest speakers who speak on some business-related topic, including technology or even proposing a business plan.

Come to a Business Meetup to network, find new customers, get advice and avoid costly mistakes. Hear how others have overcome hurdles and achieved success.

We have had speakers on Japanese tax law, marketing research, social networking, local web advertising, online accounting software, Web site SEO, buying and selling web domain names, and many other topics.

When you join there are two polls that I would like you to answer to help plan meeting topics.


We will not have speakers on MLM related businesses. People involved in MLM are welcome to attend our events, and there may be opportunities to network with like-minded people who may be present, however we would like to ask people with MLM businesses to please refrain from pitching. Businesses involving various commission systems, e.g., an Amazon-type system, could be okay, but we would specifically like to avoid any promotion of pyramid-type activities.