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The Toronto Java Users Group (http://www.tjug.ca) provides presentations of exciting new technologies and socialization with your fellow developers in a relaxed atmosphere. Join us for dinner, drinks, and a talk on an interesting topic presented by one of your peers. We have been meeting regularly since 2009.

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Deploying Java Desktop and Mobile Applications using JavaScript VMs

A couple of years ago, I started making a client-side app that I wanted to run on as many different platforms as possible. I quickly found myself completely confused. As a Java programmer, I had spent so much time working on server code and web-based apps that I never had to learn about the world of EXEs, installers, and app stores. Even worse, I found that Java's promise of "write once, run anywhere" hadn't been true for at least a decade. How could I get my app to run on PCs, Macs, Android, iOS, and online without needing to write five different versions of the user interface? Eventually, I found a solution. All of those platforms had web browsers, meaning they could all run JavaScript. I could write my app in Java with a single codebase, compile the app to JavaScript using the GWT compiler, and deploy it to all those platforms to run on their JavaScript VMs. Soon though, I found myself lost in the JavaScript wilds of Electron, Cordova, and WKWebViews. During this talk, I will describe the rationale for writing apps in Java but compiling them to JavaScript, survey the landscape of JavaScript platforms, and give an overview of some of the hoops that one needs to jump through to make desktop and mobile apps today. Ming-Yee Iu has a PhD in computer science from EPFL. For the past while, he has been developing a new type of vector graphics app.

Fun with Flutter - Adib Saikali

Free Times Cafe

Flutter is a framework from Google for building native mobile application for iOS and Android. Flutter is based on Dart and complies to native ARM code so it's pretty fast. This talk will feature live coding of a flutter application from scratch no previous experience with Dart or flutter require we will start the beginning and see how much we can code in a short time frame.

Monthly TJUG Meetup - Topic TBD

Free Times Cafe

Our meetings normally happen on the LAST THURSDAY of each month. We have been meeting regularly since 2009. We will announce the presentation details closer to the date.

Event-driven microservices with Kafka on Kubernetes - Marius Bogoevici

Event-centric design and event-driven architecture are powerful tools for designing scalable distributed systems, capable of taking advantage of the agility and organizational efficiencies promised by microservices. In this presentation we will show you how to build such an architecture using Kafka and Kubernetes. To build such an architecture, you need a reliable and scalable messaging system (Kafka), a powerful programming model (Spring/Kafka Streams), and a platform where they all can run reliably and resiliently (Kubernetes.) In this presentation, you will see a demo-centric introduction to how these technologies complement each other and deliver a cohesive solution: * how to run Kafka on Kubernetes using the Strimzi operator for Kafka; * how to build microservices using Spring and Kafka Streams; * how to run bring them all together in complex data processing topologies on Kubernetes.

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