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A positive and supportive group for science fiction and fantasy writers. We meet to share our SFF pieces and to get feedback in a constructive atmosphere, and to support each other in our development as writers.

Core group values:

Positivity. This includes being supportive and encouraging of other's work. We are here to support each other. This means giving constructive criticism, but it also means offering the kind of moral support that will help people grow as writers.

Equality. The group is non-hierarchical. Everyone's voice is equally valued, regardless of experience. The role of the organizer is not an expert. Their purpose is only timekeeper and maintaining structure.

Diversity. Diversity is an asset and an institutional strength within a writing group. We value diversity in age, gender, sexual orientation, education, cultural background, religion, experience, neurotype, and other dimensions of human identity. Everyone is equally welcomed, respected, and valued.

Our group values and structure document can be found here: https://dfshultzblog.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/toronto-sff-writers-structure-and-values-revision-june-2020.pdf

Upcoming events (4+)

[VIRTUAL/DISCORD] SFF writers meetup: readings and feedback

NOTE: The meeting time has changed to 11am - 2pm.

Hey Everyone!

For those that can’t make it to our in-person meet-up on Saturday, we’re still holding a virtual one. All the excitement of being in-person, without the hassle of traffic, parking, or in some cases - international flights :)

Hope to see you there!

[ONLINE MEETING: we'll meet in virtual space, using the Discord software for voice chat. The software is free. For preparation, you should download the software and make sure your microphone is working properly (You can also get Discord as an app, and use your phone to connect to the group). The link for the Discord server is here: https://discord.gg/3fGAeHP

Instead of exchanging copies of our work, we'll use a Google doc for the story, and we can all leave comments/suggestions/edits on that document, using the "suggestions" mode, which functions the same as "track changes" in word]

Reading SFF pieces and getting feedback from the group. Our goals are to grow as writers, to support each other, and to improve pieces that are in development.

Short stories, flash fiction, screenplays, or pieces of novels are okay, just try to pick a selection under 2000 words that can be read in under 15 minutes.

Everyone is equally welcomed regardless of experience. This is a positive, supportive, and encouraging group in which everyone is equal.

If you are new to the group, please take a minute to check out our "Values and Structures" document to get an idea of what our group is about and how the meetings are run. That will give you a good idea of what to expect, and will also help the meetings run more smoothly and effectively. You can find that here: https://davidfshultz.com/writing-group/

IN-PERSON Saturday Meeting!

Imperial Pub

As usual, we'll be doing another meetup this coming Saturday.

We'll be meeting at the Imperial Pub by Dundas Square, as they are more than happy to serve as our gracious hosts. They have said they are willing to host in the 15-25 person range.

Beyond that, all we request is that each attendee be fully vaccinated and wear a mask when necessary. When seated at our tables this shouldn't be an issue, but it may be advisable to put one on when moving around indoors.

Also, please feel free to bring in samples of your writing (up to 2000 words) to read and critique! It's best to bring copies so that it's easier for others to follow and so people can make notes. Dedicated listeners are equally welcomed.

Our group values and meeting structure can be found here: https://dfshultzblog.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/toronto-sff-writers-structure-and-values-revision-june-2020.pdf

And, that's everything! See you then!

[ONLINE] Writing Sprint Sunday!

Online event

[We'll meet online using Discord. The Discord server is here: https://discord.gg/b4hkV5F2zR ]

A virtual productivity get-together. We'll do a series of timed "sprints" with the goal of getting a bunch of words written! During timed sprints, everyone writes on their own; sprints are separated by short breaks of conversation. For those who are interested, we'll keep track of words written for each round, to see how much we can collectively write, keep ourselves accountable, and set records that we can try to beat in future productivity sessions.

Novel Feedback: "Sisters of Jade", by James Downe

For this novel feedback meeting, we will be discussing James Downe's novel, Sisters of Jade. People who RSVP will be given a draft to read in advance. Make sure you RSVP with enough time to read it!

About the book: "‘Sisters of Jade’ is a heroic fantasy novel. The story follows four adventurers called the Sisters of Jade who attempt to rescue an old friend before sailing south to save his kidnapped daughter.

Kylan Tier, an aging mercenary with a dark past, leads the Sisters. With her are Quite (an ex-legionary and master swordswoman), Feren Sind (a werehyena trying to control the beast within), and Somhae (a priestess of decay with a dark faith).

The infamous Sisters have sailed the Sovanti Strait for years. They learn that an old friend, Baron Iro Mezakis, has failed in an attempted takeover of the ruling Gorgon Court. As punishment, Iro has been maimed, his lands taken, and his family executed. Only his youngest daughter survives, taken across the Sovanti by a rival, Senator Hukasa. Pursued by agents of the Gorgon Court, the Sisters fight to rescue Iro and then sail across the strait to free the young girl."

Length:[masked] words

The meeting will be on Discord: https://discord.gg/CXsczTH


About the novel feedback meetings:

Everyone is free and encouraged to participate! If you want to participate as a reader, just RSVP to any novel feedback meetings that you'd like, and make sure to give yourself enough time to read the book in advance of the meeting. Space is limited, so RSVP if you are confident that you will be able to read the book and participate in the discussion.

Everyone who participates as a reader will get credits for contributing their feedback to the discussion (regardless of whether you have a novel you're ready to share for reviews).

To set up a novel feedback meeting for your book (or other completed work over 10k) just fill out this form: https://forms.gle/9k8ETSGKM3zGJosy6

Credits are accrued by participating as a reader for other people's books; a credit deficit is accrued when you set up a meeting for your book. The goal is to read the same amount (or more) of other people's words as others are reading of yours, by signing up to participate in whichever novel feedback meetings you like.

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