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What is Life Teaching Me Now? (ECK Light and Sound Service)
If your world were a spiritual school, what would your life be teaching you now? Many people see their lives as a spiritual journey of unfoldment. This perspective certainly makes life more interesting! According to Harold Klemp in The Language of Soul (, "The spiritual life is an active one. We recognize that each experience that comes our way is spiritually instructive" (p. 54). You can see your life as a 'waking dream' with symbolic messages created for your spiritual growth. What are you learning at the moment? Come to share your thoughts and experiences in this discussion-style service. You can hear stories of other people's spiritual experiences with this theme, have an opportunity to do a group contemplation HU Song (, and enjoy some original creative arts performances. Join us afterward for conversation & fellowship with like hearted people. Hope to see you there! Photo by Annie Towhill Sponsored by Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom

Toronto Public Library - Northern District Branch

40 Orchard View Blvd. · Toronto, ON

What we're about

Would you like to learn more about the spiritual meaning of your dreams? Discuss spirituality?

Have you had:

An out-of-body experience?

A dream with a departed loved one?

A sense that you have lived before?

An inner experience with light or sound?

You can connect with other like-minded Souls and learn new ways of exploring your inner worlds. Join us and meet people from the Toronto area who share your interest in spiritual experiences and personal growth.

We offer informal discussions on spiritual topics, Eckankar classes, seminars and worship services, and uplifting spiritual exercises that will help you to explore your inner worlds and to thrive spiritually. Our goals are to help our members validate and understand their spiritual experiences, and gain experience exploring their inner worlds. Our topics include:

Have You Had a Spiritual Experience?

Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing

Prayer, Meditation, and Contemplation

Dreams, Past Lives and Soul Travel

Conquering Fear

Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships

Life After Death

Understanding the Spiritual Meaning of Your Dreams

Creating Your World with the Spiritual Laws of Life

Angels, Masters, and Inner Guides

Spiritual Wisdom on Reincarnation

Astral Projection and Soul Travel

Listening to Your Inner Guidance

Spirituality in Everyday Life

and much more!

There is never a cost for coming to and participating in our group meetings. Just come and enjoy!

This Meetup site and the spiritual discussions are sponsored by members of Eckankar as a community service. Eckankar is an ancient spiritual teaching that helps people to make spiritual experiences an everyday reality in their lives.

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