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EV Society Membership Blitz
This group, the Toronto Hybrid & Electric Car Group, has a long history, having been in existence since 2003 and with over 400 EVents and 400 members. Recently, several other major players have entered the "clean" transportation arena and we have happily joined them as affiliates. One is our "venue" sponsor, Windfall Ecology Centre, and another major player is the Electric Vehicle Society ( ). The EV Society has been around also for a long time, since 1994, in fact. Initially, they were spearheading conversion of gas guzzlers to clean all-Electric Cars by individuals. Today, with so many mass produced EV's available, they are promoting the switch to EV's. Under the guidance of Wilf, who is on their Board of Directors and is also on the BoD of EMC (Electric Mobility Canada, ), they are dealing directly with the new Ontario government in a very diplomatic manner. We also are having regular monthly online meetings with the dozen different EVS chapters across Ontario, as well as an annual gathering with other EV Associations across Canada. To cement this affiliation, I would like to see everyone who is a member of this group, where we are proud of our "free" membership, join the EV Society for their mere $30 membership fee ($20 for seniors, students and spouses). Advantages are many ... aside from supporting clean transportation now and into the future, many sponsors of EVS have offered discounts ( for example, KalTire and EcoLimo as well as several dealers offering discounted new EV's). A very major reason for this membership blitz is to get the EVS membership into the thousands and to impress the government that we represent a large percentage of the EV owners and drivers across the province. Right now, Wilf has offered a $100 Keg gift card for the group that is first to have 50 members join EVS between Oct. 22 and Nov 12. We are in the best position to win this honour with over 400 members and only 10 or 12 members who have already joined EVS. Besides, it's time for our End-of-Year Dinner ... why not have it at the Keg? Please check out their website, , their membership page which includes the sponsors and membership benefits ( ). You could even check our page on their website ( ). Most importantly is joining EVS at their membership page, , but it would be nice if you would also RSVP to this "Event" so that we could easily keep track of when we have 50 new members that joined EVS and claim our "prize" from Wilf. ~ Erik and Wilf ... . KlnAir4U . "Think Outside the Pump!"

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