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Welcome journeyers and lightworkers!

The Tree of Light, Roots of Peace meetup group is a sacred meeting space created by Lydia Erickson as a way to share her sound healing, creative arts, and meditation classes in the Boston South Shore area, and to create a beautiful community. You can read more about her journey here and how Tree of Light, Roots of Peace was born: songofthetrees.com

Most of our events take place in Stoughton, MA, indoors and outdoors (including the annual Women Rise event). We offer so many wonderful opportunities to get connected with yourself, your creativity, and the natural world in a community of like-minded souls.

"Tree of Light" honors our physical and spiritual connection with the natural world, and "Roots of Peace" illustrates what happens to a world when the people honor their innate light and consciousness and reclaim their birthright of wholeness and connection to the Earth. The intention beneath healing the self is two-fold, for a release of trauma and a deepening of self-love is also healing to the Earth and life as a whole. To heal our Earth we must heal ourselves, which means staying on the path of growth, following our intuition, and awakening our creative abilities.

This group is for you if you are interested in:
Learning to meditate
Becoming more aware of your intuition and inner world
Bringing your current meditation practice to a deeper level
Diving deep, healing old traumas, & being fully embodied in a safe and loving space
Expressing the joy that is You in a loving, supportive community
Sacred Women's Circles and Sisterhood
Experiencing the healing power of Sound
Exploring your Creativity through different art mediums
Journaling as a transformative experience
Connecting to the natural world through meditation and QiGong
The power of Sound healing combined with Yoga and other modalities
...and other paths to deepening our joy in the human experience

If any of these resonate with you, or you feel a pull or curiosity, we'd love to have you join us!

Have a Blessed Day!

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Sacred Transmissions "Staff of Life" Dao-Tha Soundcodes Practitioner Training

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