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Advanced Camera Handling and Menu items for Nikon Cameras #107
Modern DSLR’s can be daunting. Dozens of buttons and menu options can send the new user screaming into the night, and even faze the seasoned pro going digital after decades of film experience. This one-day workshop or Meet-Up will concentrate on the new and confusing concepts of digital photography and high tech cameras. Learn how and why to shoot in RAW as compared to JPEG. Learn how to read and utilize the RGB histograms, how to expose to the right, and when not to do it. Discover what all the different autofocus modes actually do. Master white balance and learn how to set a custom white balance for accurate neutral colors. Visualize and shoot black and white images and how to convert your digital color images to B&W. We will walk though the menus of both the high end (D3, D4, D5, D700, D800.) cameras and the more affordable series D7200, D5200,D3200, D90, or D60, to show you how to adjust the settings in your menu that will solve a variety of real-world problems. We will not exclude relevant information about the (D-100, D-200, D-300, D-40) and older cameras. This is NOT an entry level class. Students are expected to already understand f/stops and shutter speeds and to have completed our #101 Fundamentals Class. We will learn how to fine tune the autofocus with a laser and match your sensor with your lens for a perfect focus if time permits at the end of the class for students who have cameras that permit fine tuning of the sensor to a particular lens. This technique implies you have a high end Nikon Camera as new as a Nikon D300s or newer. We will not cover the use of your camera as a digital video camera.

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