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East Fork from the South Side

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Launch from the beach area and meet up with the group from the North side for a game of tag!

Please be there by 6:00pm


When – Tuesday, September 24

Experience - Flat water, be able to stay with the group and have Nav Lights. A reminder:

Vessels under Oars
“A vessel under oars... shall have an electric torch or lighted lantern showing a white light in sufficient time to prevent collision.” One that is visible for 360 degrees is best! Remember, your butt is on the water with the highest point being the top of your head. Boaters approaching from astern can’t see your headlamp. Making yourself as visible as possible is YOUR RESPONABILTY!

Pre-Paddle - Everyone is responsible for their own grub and fluids.

What To Bring - Yak / PFD - (must be securely worn) / cool weather clothing / water / bug spray / lights/camera. Come on, you know what you need, we’re adults here!

Restrooms - Porta-Potty or Restroom close by.

Weather Forecast - An update will be provided two days before.

Post-Paddle Sustenance - OPEN

Liability Waiver - As always, by joining in this event you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to abide by the Tri-State Kayakers liability waiver. You can find this waiver on the Tri-State Kayakers web site, at: If you do not agree with said liability waiver, don’t show up!

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