What we're about

Looking to start a business? Already operate one? Work from home or in the office? Operate online…brick & mortar...or both?

The informed understand it’s every individual’s responsibility to help their families, communities, and the country at large.

Although job numbers are rising, they're not rising fast enough to help resolve some of the systemic issues that a long-term economic downturn creates at the grassroots level.

We represent an association of independent business owners specializing in a category of products classified as 21st Century "Essential Services". They represent a substantial portion of the fixed costs for every household and business entity in the country. The Triangle Area is primed for substantial opportunity in developing new skills needed in this growing market sector but we first want to build relationships as a resource and as good citizens before we even start the discussion about going any further.

Our ultimate goal is to see how we can create business value for ourselves by helping you understand the impact of technology and diverse financial products and services with an underlining goal of building relational value FIRST. We first, listen to understand, then speak to be understood.

If you are serious about expanding your options and are open to new possibilities and relationships, we'd like to get to know you.

Best regards from our co-organizers.

Dan Scala, W. Jay Williams , Lois LeSavoy


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