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Do you want to live and work in space? The Tucson L5 Space Society is working towards the objective of creating a space-faring civilization, and you can help! We welcome all ideas that may lead to the achievement of our objective.

Tuscon L5 Space Society (TL5SS) is a Chapter of the National Space Society (Region 3) and the Moon Society. Members typically meet every second Saturday or Sunday of the month to dine together, Zoom together, and/or a public outing; it's a reason to get together, view presentations, and talk about outer space related topics and news. Membership in the Tucson L5 Space Society is open to all. Many of us are serving members of the National Space Society, and or the Moon Society. If you would like to join us, YOU need only share an interest in the development of a viable space-faring civilization. As an organization we follow no ideological, social, or religious creed. We welcome all ideas that may lead to the achievement of our objectives which include..

++The creation of a space-faring civilization which will establish communities beyond Earth.
++The promotion of the earliest possible establishment of self-sustaining human settlements in space.
++The promotion of large-scale industrialization and private enterprise in space.
Relocating eco-destructive industries, such as hazardous chemicals & strip mining, to outer space, will help us achieve thriving sustainability on our Home Planet, Earth.
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The Tucson L5 Space Society was founded in 1981. Many of our members were also founding members of the L5 Society. Sign up here, or join the Meetup Group to stay informed of our activities, share your thoughts and ideas, and stay connected with other people interested in space stuff.
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http://www.nss.org (http://www.nss.org/)

Past events (86)

Tucson L-5 Space Society Chapter Meeting

4350 E 22nd St

Steward Observatory Re-dedication

University of Arizona campus

Phantom Space Corporation facility tour

1816 S Research Loop