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For this "On TAP" you will need to bring your entire self to a place of your choosing. Possibly home. Maybe someone else's home (with their permission, of course). You're not unwelcome to come by 36 Degrees North -- a fine place full of friendly folks. Just, we won't be there. We're not meeting in December. Spend time with your family maybe. If your family drives you crazy, you can claim you're going to TAP and escape wherever -- we're not snitches. If only some of your family drives you crazy, and you escape with your spouse or favorite whoever, and you use TAP as a cover story, make sure your whoever is in on it. Agility requires effective communication and rapid feedback. Withholding essential info from stakeholders fails to manage risk of word getting back to your mother-in-law that A. you don't like their green bean casserole (and who does?), and B. you're very bad at executing frankly bizarre excuses for skipping out on your own family in this special, festive season. Also, why do you have relatives over like two weeks before Christmas? Are you some kind of masochist? We'll be back in January. And to all a good night!

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