A Tale of Two Tenancies

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This is a talk on the differences between two Azure Tenancies, one belonging to a government department that had no Azure DEVOps and one that is used to supply Software as a Service that was built by Azure DEVOps.

It focusses on the practical steps that need to be taken to make these a success, or at least endurable, and covers the practicalities, and very real worries, of implementing change, or rather implementing a mechanism for implementing constant change.

Sebastian Rogers bio:

I’m currently consulting on implementing Azure DEVOps implementations for large organisations whilst also developing and supplying Software as a Service through a consortium. This gives me a view of the very large and the very small end of automation, management and governance as both a provider and a consumer.

Azure DEVOps was a natural progression from Office 365, which in turn was a natural progression from SharePoint which had been the winner of the ‘portal’ wars in the first decade of this century. Before that I’d been working on high volume public web sites, XML data transfer and XSL/T transformations from large SQL databases. Go back further and it becomes UNIX, daemons, low level systems processes, even further and I’m connecting experimental EPOS equipment to IBM PCs via the 80186 chip, by burning EPROMs.

These days its almost easier to list the large government organisations; magic circle law firms and telecoms companies I haven’t worked for but then I’ve been contracting since 1994 eventually co-founding Simple Innovations as a consortium to deliver bigger projects and services.

When not working I can be found writing screen plays, playing the banjo badly and sailing.