CADE Data Ethics Seminar: Actionable Auditing and Algorithmic Justice


Please join us for the Data Institute's launch of the new Center for Applied Data Ethics (CADE) and the inaugural Data Ethics Seminar with Deborah Raji. When it’s not enough to properly evaluate and report the bias detected a commercial AI systems, what else is involved in demanding a change in corporate behavior and minimizing the actual harm done to the most vulnerable populations? By exploring the case of the Gender Shades study, which has had a tangible impact on facial recognition policy and corporate performance, we explore the strategies involved in executing an "actionable audit" and the limitations of even the most effective techniques in actualizing the aspiration of algorithmic justice.

6pm: Refreshments
6:30-6:50pm: Welcome and introduction to the Center of Applied Data Ethics
David Uminsky, Executive Director Data Institute
Rachel Thomas, Director of Center of Applied Data Ethics
Craig Newmark, Craig Newmark Philanthropies

6:50pm: Deborah Raji: Actionable Auditing and Algorithmic Justice

Bio: Deborah Raji is a research fellow at the Partnership on AI, and an incoming tech fellow at the AI Now Institute at New York University.

Deborah is a graduate of the Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto, majoring in Robotics Engineering. She spent her Professional Experience Year (PEY) as a Machine Learning Engineering intern at Clarifai, a leading computer vision startup. As a student, her enthusiasm for coding also led her to found the student initiative, Project Include, which aims to provide summer coding bootcamps for hundreds of middle school students in low income communities in the Greater Toronto Area and Ecuador.