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The Analytics of Designing Software Products

Hosted by University of San Francisco Seminar Series in Data Science

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What most people don't know is that designing software that looks good is often the easy part. The real trick is in designing software that is both effortless to use and highly profitable. Most of the great software you see is the result of endless iteration guided by good data. In this talk, I'll share some of the numbers, metrics and analytics I like to use when designing software and do a review of the latest testing methodologies available to us when we're focused on optimizing our designs for revenue.

Speaker Bio
Kevin Hale is the Co-founder of Infinity Box Inc, a Y Combinator seeded company that built [Wufoo](, an online form builder that was was ranked by Jakob Nielson as one of the best application UIs of 2008 and later acquired by [SurveyMonkey]( in 2011. He now serves as a Senior Product Manager responsible for safeguarding and enhancing the user experience of SurveyMonkey's products.