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LOCAL AUTHOR PRESENTATION - Jeff Sauro, "Benchmarking the User Experience"
LOCAL AUTHOR PRESENTATION - Jeff Sauro, "Benchmarking the User Experience" Overview and Discussion at his offices for MeasuringU | 3300 E 1st Ave. Suite 370, Denver, CO 80206 *Benchmarking the User Experience* is a practical book about how to measure the user experience of websites, software, mobile apps, products, or just about anything people use. This book is for UX researchers, designers, product owners, or anyone who has a vested interest in improving the experience of websites and products. In this book, Jeff Sauro, Ph.D. uses practical examples to illustrate what benchmarking is and how you can use this technique to measure users’ experiences. Dr. Sauro uses many examples of studies from his company MeasuringU to give constructive information that will help you formulate and/or understand your benchmarking studies, which will ultimately help you understand your audience and customers. If you are new to benchmarking, you’ll find the introductory chapters will provide a thorough background and overview of the primary impetus underlying common benchmarking concepts, methods, and metrics. If you are familiar with in-person usability studies, many of the chapters compare and contrast moderated versus unmoderated benchmarks and should have many familiar concepts and examples. Later chapters provide guidance on the common “how much,” “how long,” and “how do we” questions and practical advice on making the most of your benchmark. If you are familiar with benchmarking and looking for guidance, you’ll find Chapter 5 useful for providing a thorough overview of task- and study-level metrics. Chapter 6 explains how to determine and justify the sample sizes you choose. The latter chapters on analysis provide several step-by-step guides on gathering raw benchmark data, graphing benchmark data, and using some best practices for statistical analysis and reporting. The free downloadable MeasuringU Benchmark Calculator (see Chapter 10) can help even the most seasoned researcher more efficiently analyze their benchmark data. Appendix A contains a checklist for conducting a benchmark study, and Appendix B contains best practices for competitive benchmarks, referencing relevant chapters for more details. Working Table of Contents Chapter 1: An Introduction to UX Benchmarking Chapter 2: Planning & Defining Your Study Chapter 3: Working Through Study Details Chapter 4: Planning & Logistics Chapter 5: Benchmark Metrics Chapter 6: Sample Size Planning Chapter 7: Writing the Study Script Chapter 8: Preparing For Data Collection Chapter 9: Participant Recruitment & Data Collection Chapter 10: Analyzing & Displaying Your Data Chapter 11: Advanced Analysis Chapter 12: Reporting Your Results Appendix A: A Checklist For Planning a UX Benchmark Study Appendix B: 10 Best Practices for Competitive UX Benchmarking Appendix C: 5 Common Mistakes in UX Benchmark Studies Appendix D: Example Project Booking Form for Hotel Comparison Study Appendix E: Example Study Script for an Unmoderated Study

MeasuringU - Jeff Sauro

3300 E 1st Avenue Suite 370 · Denver, co

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